The Otsego Opens in NoHo!

Let’s give a warm NoHo welcome to The Otsego, the newest homes in the arts district!


Why did you think it was important to create an apartment building with such a strong artistic focus?

Simply put, we focused on the people within our community. Located in the heart of the NoHo Arts District, it made it easy for us to decide on integrating The Otsego with our community. The Arts District is filled with artists, photographers, actors, and dancers just to name a few. It is important that we add to the existing beauty of the NoHo Arts District rather than simply insert another cookie cutter apartment building.

THE OTSEGO Beat Lab in the NoHo Arts District via

Why did you select the NoHo Arts District for this development?

The NoHo Arts District has really blossomed over the last few years. We selected the area because of its culture and uniqueness. The community has a very young demographic that continues to push the envelope of creativity. This, paired with the close proximity of trendy restaurants and exciting nightlife, created a perfect combination for a boutique style apartment building.


What makes The Otsego unique?

The Otsego is a boutique style apartment building that caters towards its community. It is home to exhibits from local artists that include different artwork and wall murals.

Instead of a typical community room, we have created a “Beat Lab” located in the lowest level of our building. The Beat Lab consists of a full stage with spot lighting for bands or musicians to rehearse and perform for friends and family. The room is fully soundproof and can be rented out for the day. We noticed how many musicians paid for a rehearsal space and figured we would provide our residents the same benefit at no additional costs. The Beat Lab also has a 12-foot retractable green screen that pulls down the wall, providing a space for cinematographers and photographers to hold photoshoots and create YouTube videos. If you just want a cool place to hang out where you can blast your music and enjoy some time with friends in the lounge-like atmosphere, we have that too. A 70” TV provides the perfect opportunity for you to rent out the room for Sunday Football and root for the LA Rams!

Our mirrored Fitness Studio and professional ballet bar provides an opportunity to practice dance routines or go into deep stretches. Given its size and smooth flooring, the studio also lends itself to be used for practicing yoga. In fact, The Otsego has partnered up with local yoga instructors that teach Yoga in our Fitness Studio weekly. We have state of the art fitness equipment that provide residents the ability to break a sweat whenever they’d like. With a fine selection of dumbbell weights, medicine balls, and cardio equipment, we have something for everyone looking to get in a core workout.

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With a retractable canopy and mood lights, our Roof Deck offers residents the ability to bask in our fabulous So Cal weather during the day as well as into the evening. Looking for something to do on your lazy Sunday mornings after you go to your favorite café? Try sitting out on our roof deck and enjoying a nice book under the warm sun. If laying under the stars on a warm summer night around our fire pit with a cold beverage sounds nice, this is the spot for you.

All dogs need a place to play and express themselves. At The Otsego, your best friend will find a happy place for both of you. There is not only turf and decomposed gravel for your dog to explore, but also a custom dog wash station that allows you to easily wash your pets so you can always have a clean pet waiting for you when you get home. Don’t like washing your dog? We get discounts with a local vendor that will pick up your dirty dog from your front door and bring him/her back nice and clean. In addition to an ideal location in a pet friendly and walkable neighborhood, there is also the expansive North Hollywood Park just one block away.

THE OTSEGO Sun Deck in the NoHo Arts District via

Your apartments are very large in comparison to many local apt buildings. Isn’t this an unusual choice for developers?

On the ground floor of our building, each unit has a backyard that tenants can use to enjoy some fresh air. This isn’t too common in other apartment buildings and tends to differentiate us from the competition.

THE OTSEGO in the NoHo Arts District via

Tell us about your “Dog Friendly” policy?

We love pets and we think everyone deserves to have one. Our Dog Run is a space that residents can use to let their dog run free. In addition to our Dog Run, the Norh Hollywood park is steps away from the property.

Rental office hours

Monday – Sunday

Did you know? They have fiber optic internet available to all tenants! 

THE OTSEGO in the NoHo Arts District via

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