The Mosaic Method of Creating a Solo Show

As the tumult of 2020 comes to an end, I invite you to make some meaningful progress on your solo show so that your one-person play can come to fruition in 2021.

With that intention in mind, I invite you to experiment with what I’ve coined the “Mosaic Method” of creating a solo show.

As I always say to my students, the process of writing a solo show is much like that of creating a vibrant mosaic.

First, you accumulate many beautiful pieces, then you sift through these eclectic pieces to determine which ones will make it into your final work of art, and finally you arrange these pieces into one cohesive masterpiece.

While I cannot delve into this methodology in its entirety in a single blog entry, I will give you a tasty sample that is sure to help you make some meaningful progress on your solo show.

The Mosaic Method is rarely linear and therefore freewriting without censorship is an important aspect of this approach.

Below are a few poignant questions to help you begin to develop some magnificent mosaic pieces, and eventually allow them to culminate into a powerful one person play.

So, grab a pen and some paper and, one at a time, freewrite on these questions and see what your responses reveal to you about what your solo story wants to be.

1) What is an important question you have sought to answer throughout your life?

In traditional playwriting, there is usually a Dramatic Question.

Dramatic Question is the central question that your solo show and/or the protagonist of the play (which may or may not be you) seeks to resolve throughout the course of your script. The story arc and various plot points should contribute to answering that question.

In order to avoid a solo show that merely meanders from one anecdote to another, with no clear direction or driving force behind it, it is essential to determine what Dramatic Question your play aims to answer.

For example, maybe your story asks:

Does true love exist?

Will money lead to real happiness?

What is healthy sexuality?

Is there a God?

How can serious trauma be healed?

And so on and so forth.

There may be several important questions that you are currently pondering or have pondered over the course of your life; so, it may take you some time to determine which question you want to focus on for this particular solo show and that is ok. Take your time and explore.

Let your intuition, curiosity and creativity guide you and eventually the dominant dramatic question will become clear.

2) Who are the primary people that have impacted your life the most?

Any good play has captivating characters. Whether we love them or hate them, the cast of characters in a play must capture our attention and help to propel the story forward.

With that in mind, consider who your mentors have been, what enemies you’ve battled, which lovers you’ve connected with, the best friends you’ve related to, the mysterious strangers you’ve encountered, and the family you’re from. Start to evaluate all of the main characters of your life.

As you isolate who these key players are, recall how they have influenced you and your life journey. Reflect upon the lessons they have taught you, and how they have changed and challenged you for better or for worse.

3) What is the genre of your life story?

Every solo show has its own style.

As you assess your life, does it have the tone of a romantic comedy, a dark comedy, an action film, a family classic, a horror or a thriller, a mystery or a drama, or even a true love story?

Honing in on the “genre” of your life will help you give a personality to your one person play and identify which stories from your life might best suit that “genre.”

That’s the beauty of solo shows, there’s no one way to do it, and no “correct” style to adhere to. Therefore, categorizing your life in this way will help guide you as you add your unique touch to the genre of solo theatre.

Hopefully, freewriting on these questions and considering these concepts has helped you to start to collect some colorful mosaic pieces, and don’t stop here! Check out the various solo theatre resources below to help your mosaic pieces manifest into a solo theatre masterpiece.

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