The Ideal Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Rooms

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The bathroom is undoubtedly the most used space in your home. It would be best if you designed it to give you absolute satisfaction during bathroom time.

Many a time, you will find that you have a small space left for the bathroom. However, to create a chic bathroom, you don’t necessarily need ample space. With a few expert tips on design and style, you will be infusing the feeling of luxury in your bathroom regardless of the size.

Here are the secrets to enhancing your bathroom design that can bring satisfaction to the fullest.

Use the Floor Tile to Create Your Shower

Many people happen to subdivide small bathrooms into smaller sections. It is not correct to do so if you are after enhancing space. The best way, however, is to leave the bathroom as one open space. Ensure you maintain the original room to flow from one area to the next without any fragmentation.

Your shower should be part of the flow to make it feel like a natural part of the room. Using the same floor tile throughout the bathroom remodeling Los Angeles is the simplest way to create this feeling. Implementing such an idea will not only make your bathroom and shower appear more prominent, but it will also create an open space instead of having two fragmented spaces. Adding a transparent glass shower screen is also an ideal step for merging the two small areas into one. 

Install a Towel Rail in the Bathroom

For a long time now, people have been using hooks in their bathrooms to hang their towels. However, if you are looking to give your tiny bathroom a more spacious feeling, adding a towel rail could be an excellent practical move. Towel rails are essential. They can hold several towels together in a space-saving manner, giving your space a neat look. Such may not be the case with hooks because they can hold only one towel, taking up extra space. Experts recommend a towel rail that runs vertically instead of horizontally. It saves more space, hence ideal for a small space. By so doing, you will ensure plenty of hanging space within a limited wall area. Be sure to choose a rail with the design feature of your room to make it both practical and stylish.

Establish an Expertly Designed Cabinet under the Basin

Let’s suppose you are looking to maximize your storage area without compromising the feeling of space. In that case, using the unusable areas in your bathroom is an ideal way to achieve this goal. How do you accomplish this anyway? Establish an additional cabinet under your sink or basin. Doing so as part of your bathroom remodeling Los Angeles will practically turn your redundant space into an unbelievable amount of useable space. In the process, you conceal any pipes, hence, creating a great space for all your bathroom necessities. Besides, making additional storage space under your basin takes away a cluttered countertop, ensuring a more spacious feeling.