The Fat Dog Reopens!

The Fat Dog Reopens
The Fat Dog Mac N Cheese. Photo: Mariana Jamadi

We are doing a North Hollywood restaurant and bar series so our neighborhood gets to know the fun and unique local hangouts. This week we feature The Fat Dog and some of their delish dishes.

Our NoHo restaurants and bars have been through a roller coaster ride during the pandemic and many have reopened their doors. One of the things you’ll notice about these neighborhood eateries and bars is that they’re unique to the NoHo Arts District. Our arts district also has creative bars and restaurants. They had to be creative during Corona!

“We are excited to be back on the block,” says The Fat Dog co-owner Susann.

One of the reasons we love The Fat Dog is in the name. Yes, you can bring your poochies along for brunch or any meal. Their spacious dog-friendly patio is such a treat for pet parents and dog alike.

The Fat Dog Reopens
The Fat Dog Reopens. Photo by The Fat Dog

But, hands down, we are big fans of The Fat Dog’s drinks and their uber talented mixologist. Their cocktails blend together such unique flavor combos! 

And, who doesn’t like a good booze-themed day of the week? Head over to The Fat Dog for their Whiskey Wednesdays.

They say they make pub food but it’s so much more. It’s comfort food, hence, the term pub food. But, their ingredients are finely sourced and their dishes are meticulously prepared. So, we can call it upscale pub food?

Co-owner Susann answered some of our questions.

So tell us about the name.

The Fat Dog’s name stems from our English bulldog Luther. We couldn’t figure out what to name our first pub so we decided to name it something from our daily life, hence our fat bulldog.

What sets The Fat Dog apart? (we have our reasons!)

We feel Fat Dog is unique due to our amazing staff and atmosphere. Our motto has always been to create an experience for our guests. We offer a phenomenal craft beer program, creative cocktails alongside our elevated pub food.  We deliver a consistent product with a smile. We do welcome our furry four-legged friends on our patio, however, we don’t promote dog-friendliness due to irresponsible dog owners. Also, staff has been bitten on occasion by insecure dogs.

Are there any adjustments you’ve made?

As far as Covid adjustments,  we are following the health department’s recommendations. Lots of food-grade sanitizer on our hands! Fat Dog is eager and ready to serve our community and friends once again. 

Let’s give a HUGE NoHo welcome back to The Fat Dog!