The Comedy of Errors

Jamaica Moon Productions presents

William Shakespeare’s

The Comedy of Errors

Written by William Shakespeare.
Directed by Gloria Gifford.
Produced by Jade Warner, Lauren Plaxco and Chad Doreck for Jamaica Moon Productions.

Shakespeare’s most madcap and delicious comedy set in the belly dancing world of Greece!

Opening May 16th
EXTENDED to August 2! Dark 4th of July weekend.

The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s shortest and most accessible plays. This production retains Shakespeare’s text, which means that the action in set in ancient Greece. Production notes state that the show is “set in the belly dancing world of Greece!,” so expect some added visual delights. While belly dancing originated elsewhere in the Mediterranean, it was written about as early as the First Century A.D., so it was certainly an appreciated art form in the ancient world.

The plot of The Comedy of Errors centers on two pairs of twins: one pair of masters named Antipholus, and one pair of servants named Dromio. Separated by shipwreck in infancy, when all emerge as adults in the same town, it makes for multiple instances of mistaken identity. Confusion reigns among the various amores of the two Antipholus brothers and also among the tradesmen and townspeople they encounter. Hilarity ensues, but Shakespeare ups the stakes by placing the father of the Antipholus brothers in imminent peril of his life.

It is a comedy, however, so look for things to turn out all right in the end. It is a world of conjurers, quick action, brilliant repartee and love.

Did we also mention that there are belly dancers?

Gloria Gifford directs. The New York and Broadway- trained director/actress/teacher received an M.A. from the New School, where she studied Criminology after graduating with a degree in Political Science from SUNY New Paltz. She has directed over 75 stage productions, including On Golden Pond (with Salome Jens and Andrew Prine), Our Lady of 121st St. (L.A. Times Critic’s Choice), The Tempest, Romantic Comedy, A Bed and a Bar, Summer and Smoke, Wait Until Dark, and many more. A veteran actor with credits on Broadway, in hit films (opposite Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, John Candy and Tobey Maguire), and recurring roles on four TV series, she has also been known as an acting coach to emerging stars and as the producer of the Rebel Planet Short Film Festival in Hollywood.

Gloria’s company for The Comedy of Errors includes (in alphabetical order) Hayley Ambriz, George Benedict, Jeff Brown, Billy Budinich, Marlin Chan, Leana Chavez, Haile D’Alan, Sonia Diaz, Chad Doreck, Joshua Lee Farmer, Kevin Ferris, Ireni Gerakis, Chris Jones, Abigail Kochunas, Christian Maltez, Crusher May, Alex Miller, Nakta Pahlevan, Benito Paje, Lauren Plaxco, Kasia Pilewicz, Antonio Roccucci, Cynthia San Luis, Deidra Shanell, Cyrus Sherman, Danny Siegel, Tejah Signori, Samiyah Swann, Justin Truesdale, Nancy Vivar, Keith Walker, Lucy Walsh, Jade Warner and Sabrina Won.

Stage managers: Justin Truesdale, Keith Walker. Lighting design: Chris Rivera. Set design: Davia King/ Jeffrey Casciano. Scenic painters: Jeffrey Casciano/ Billy Budinich. Costume design: Gloria Gifford/ Kasia Pilewicz/ Nakta Pahlevan. Hair and make-up: Kasia Pilewicz.

A madcap plot, Shakespeare’s prose, belly dancers. Sounds like a recipe for a delicious evening of fun.

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Saturdays @8pm & Sundays @ 7:30pm
Ticket Price: $20
Reservation Number: 310-366-5505
TU Studios
10943 Camarillo St. 
N. Hollywood, CA 91601