The Best Dispensary in North Hollywood: Project Cannabis

Here’s why you should choose Project Cannabis NoHo as your next favorite dispensary.
Here’s why you should choose Project Cannabis NoHo as your next favorite dispensary.

These days, it can seem like cannabis dispensaries are a dime a dozen in California. However, Project Cannabis in North Hollywood is different.

Located on West Magnolia Boulevard, Project Cannabis is a clean, casual, and stylish dispensary with a wide range of products and knowledgeable bud-tenders who are experts in their craft.

In other words, it’s one of the best dispensaries in all of L.A. Here’s why you should choose Project Cannabis NoHo as your next favorite dispensary.

Selection & Service

From vape pens to tinctures to edibles, Project Cannabis has options for every taste or preference. They have various best-known brands, including Wyld, Stiizy, Rove, and many more. When it comes to flower, their selection of strains is unmatched.

As mentioned earlier, you can expect expert advice and top-tier customer service at this location. Both the product quality and the staff’s professionalism have allowed Project Cannabis to win many awards.

For example, the Project Cannabis grow team has perfected the craft of cultivation in their $15 million private indoor facility. In this facility, the staff grows award-winning weed through its own Triple Seven 777 brand — including an indica that’s led the team to win the High Times Dope Cups four times.

Formerly known as Green Valley Collective, Project Cannabis’s new name also came with a fresh remodel. The new facelift breathed fresh air into the store and set a new standard for dispensaries across California.


Better yet, you can also save quite a bit of money by shopping at Project Cannabis. If it’s your first time visiting the store, you’ll receive 25% off your order. The dispensary also rewards repeat customers — you’ll get 30% off your second visit and 35% off your third.

Even after you visit more than three times, Project Cannabis also has daily deals each day of the week. For example, on Monday, you can get buy-one, get-one 50% off on edibles and house brands. Stop in on Thursday and you’ll stand to save 25% off the entire store!

On Sundays, you’ll also be able to nab buy-one, get-one 50% off pre-rolls and flower. Seniors aged 55 and up can save 30% on their orders on Sundays, while veterans, students, and service industry staff can save 25%.

Friday and Saturday shoppers can also receive buy-one, get-one 50% off the entire store with a mix-and-match option. If all of that wasn’t enough, Project Cannabis also has a loyalty program for regulars.


Project Cannabis NoHo is not the only location that the dispensary operates — there are others throughout the country. However, beyond the product and service, they all share something else in common: style.

Owing to its location in the hip and historic neighborhood of North Hollywood, this particular Project Cannabis location is decked out in decor that celebrates the culture and community of rock n’ roll.

On the walls, you’ll find iconic photographs of legendary artists like Snoop Dogg, Guns n Roses, Dr. Dre. Marvin Gaye, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. It’s not just the artists who are famous — the images were snapped by well-known photographers like Jim Marshall, Annie Leibovitz, Neal Preston, and Terry O’Neill.

Walking through the doors, you’ll also be treated to a musical soundtrack that can only be described as distinctly L.A. In other words, it champions the unique culture of the area that it occupies.

How to Shop

If you’re convinced that Project Cannabis is a dispensary that you absolutely have to try, it offers a variety of options to facilitate your shopping experience.

You can always walk into the dispensary itself — and because of the cool vibe, it’s probably worth an in-person visit. Project Cannabis is located at 10842 W Magnolia Blvd and is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

You can also place a phone order by calling (818) 322-2177. Want to order online? You can also do that easily through the Project Cannabis website.