The Avante Garage Theatre Company Presents “The Favorite”

Written by Joe Correll. Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

Running June 28 through July 21

I think it’s true to say that there is nothing so dark and despicable as family…and nothing brings out the old rivalries and ancient festering jealousy like a death.

“The Favorite” is a perfect blend of dark humor and even darker truth.  The matriarch of the family has died, after a long illness which the eldest daughter has helped her through and now it’s time to clear out the garage, decide what to do with the house and air our some very dirty laundry…so to speak.

The Favorite
Photos by Grant Palmer

All families have secrets, things they would rather not discuss, things better left alone.  But this family really takes the cake.  Betrayal, lies, affairs, missing fathers, a little light incest…it’s all here.  The stories these two sisters, one adopted brother and a husband drag out into the open will set your hair on end and make you feel more fortunate than ever before that you have only your own crazy family and their much less glamorous skeletons.  Speaking of skeletons, there are a several of those as well…big ones!

All in all it’s a funny, dark, insightful glimpse into just how bad families can get.  The characters are well drawn, fully fleshed and expertly played by this rather excellent cast.  The set is amazing too…reminds me of my own neglected garage and is a very important character in the plot.

The Favorite 3
Photos by Grant Palmer

Boldly written with searing, sarcasm and all too shamefully familial plot twists and hilarious, cruel and competitive fights the likes of which only two sisters can have.  “The Favorite” is a slightly sinister farce where revelation after stunning revelation forces the characters into a position they rarely seem to find them selves in…honesty.

Great writing, spirited performances and wonderful direction…Bravo!

The Avery Schreiber Theatre, 4934 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601


Michael Bouson, Tracey Rooney, Laura Philbin Coyle, Karl T. Wright