The Art of Skateboarding?

Call to Artists: The Skateboard Culture Show

Gracias por nada 11:11 ACC and Val Jerks skateboarding show

The NoHo Arts District dot com team likes to highlight anything to do with the visual arts, and especially anything to do with the visual arts in the San Fernando Valley. But when you combine art, the Valley and skateboarding, we really pay attention. If you’ve ever seen our local NoHo skaters or skaters throughout the 818, you know that they can dance on those boards. Skating is a Valley tradition and the Valley has helped make Los Angeles one of the top ranked cities for skateboarding…in the world. We are happy to announce that North Hollywood-based 11:11 A Creative Collective, in collaboration with Val Jerks, will feature artworks with the skate culture theme in their February 2015 exhibit. They are encouraging local artists to submit works for this upcoming exhibit.

WHAT: “Gracias Por Nada” exhibit

CALL FOR: Skate culture themed artwork, tattoo style, artwork made on skate decks, wheels or trucks, mixed media, sculpture with skate decks and such as the main medium, skate themed installation.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 31, 2014

HOW: Submit links to website to


We asked Erin Stone, 11:11 ACC Vice President, artist and North Hollywood resident, more about the skate culture show.

What made you decide to do a Skateboarding themed show?

The skateboard scene has been huge in the SFV for decades. From the dog town days in the 70s where Valley skaters were flooding to Venice and Santa Monica, to the 80s and 90s where it seemed like every teenager had a skateboard in their hands. Skaters from all of Los Angeles came to the Valley suburbs to skate our schools and strip malls. So much so that pro skaters invaded Taft High school and El Camino High School in Tony hawk’s pro skater game in the late 90s, early 2000s. In the 1986 movie Thrashin’, basically the modern West Side Story, rival skate gangs competed for love and notoriety, with one of the skate gangs hailing from the 818. The infamous line is: “Beat it, you Val Jerk.”

When it comes to skateboarding and the culture surrounding it, the Valley has a huge history, although, like many other things, never got the love that our over-the-hill counterparts have. This show titled “Gracias Por Nada” is to prove that even without the attention we may have deserved, the SFV RULES.

Gracias por nada 11:11 ACC and Val Jerks skateboarding show

Who is Val Jerks? Are you partnering with any other group?

Val Jerks is a skate apparel company based in Canoga Park founded by Chris Funk. Chris experienced first hand, elbow deep in the skate culture and born and raised in the SFV. “Gracias Por Nada” is a collaboration between Val Jerks and 11:11 ACC, San Fernando Valley Art collective. We will have participation from many of the top tattoo and skate shops around the SFV, the SFV skate parks, some sponsorships and donations- although many of which are not totally solidified yet. But I assure you, the Valley won’t know what hit ’em!

Also, 10% of the proceeds of this show will support a skate-related charity. We are in the process of researching a couple non profit organizations in South America that are building skate parks in underdeveloped areas and provide skate decks to kids and teenagers.

How long has the Tarzana pop up gallery been running?

The 11:11 ACC Traveling Gallery has been in its Tarzana location since February 2014. Although the gallery is on a temporary lease at this location, we hope to remain in Tarzana through 2015. Though, due to the nature of the Traveling Galleries, we aren’t guaranteed to be in one place for too long. We do love it in Tarzana, but maybe an awesome vacant space in NoHo is next? 😉

Gracias por nada 11:11 ACC and Val Jerks skateboarding show

Get to know more about 11:11 ACC

11:11 ACC has produced a string of professionally curated, visually striking exhibits from surrealism to experimental photography, to art in public focusing on street art, graffiti art and murals linked with a panel discussion on public art featuring some of the top artists and curators in the biz. Each exhibit is paired with music and poetry events, art related classes and workshops as well as the arts integrated into community events. Our mission is simple, to provide a collaborative and educational multidisciplinary environment for artists and the public. We hope to see the SFV gain the attention it deserves when it comes to artistically and culturally interesting and invigorating activities and culture. With 2.5 million people populating the valley, it’s not just a suburb anymore- and we deserve a creative, unique and powerful presence!

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