The Actors Workout Studio Presents “Bedroom Plays”

The Actors Workout Studio Presents “Bedroom Plays: A Workshop Production”

Nine plays written and directed by members and friends of The Actors Workout Studio Writer’s Workshop.

This is a collection of original shorts plays written mostly by the members of The Actors Workout Studio’s rather brilliant writers’ program participants. Although ‘friends’ of the studio were also permitted to submit their work to be considered for inclusion in this very interesting evening of plays based around the bedroom. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

When you mention the word bedroom, one instantly imagines that the subject must naturally revolve around sex, or the lack of sex, or something connected to sex. So it is particularly ingenious that not one of these plays does that. They don’t ignore it of course, but it’s never the actual point of the story. It’s as if the writers considered the obvious and then moved on.

But what to move on to?

The subjects of these nine plays are fiercely different from one another. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

From a grandmother’s heartfelt anecdote to her granddaughter, to a young couple learning the art of compromise, and a husband questioning his faith and a wife questioning his love. The plays certainly run the gamut of what happens in the bedroom that’s for sure. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

I suppose the key to the theme is intimacy. After all, it is in our bedrooms that the most intimate thoughts are shared, dreams shattered and priorities questioned. Our bedrooms are where we weep, laugh, love and unravel…and these plays dare to go precisely where we hide the most.

Those who frequent The Actors Workout Studio will be all too familiar with the courage of the work that is shown there. Whether it be an actor, writer or director, they all seem to be so open to what they discover through their work, and the quality of the writing, as well as the acting, is extremely high. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

This is a workshop performance and as such, you should be prepared to contribute to the performance as an audience. By that I mean they are paying attention to what you are paying attention to.

Also, you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire and hand it in at the end of the show, although this is far from compulsory. I gather it is an important part of the process for everyone, and it is, of course, anonymous. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

As is usual at The Actors Workout Studio, the performances are brilliant. Nuanced and hilarious, powerful and heartbreaking and all very, very real. So I won’t single anyone out, no need! I have attended quite a few productions at The Actors Workout Studio over the years and I have to say that I am never, ever disappointed. The commitment to excellence and to the process of story and character and finding the truth in the work is tangible and, quite frankly, inspiring! play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

It’s also quite hilarious in the way that only the truest and deepest glimpse into the hidden lives of humans can be and it is well worth seeing. But you have to hurry, May 27th is the last chance you will have to see this lovely lot and their revealing and thought-provoking work. play review: The Actors Workout Studio Presents -

I highly recommend Bedroom Plays – at The Actors Workout Studio.


May 5 – May 27
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
4735 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, 91602

Laura Boccaletti, Stephanie Boukalis, Stirling Nix Bradley, Danny Christiansen, Katie Dodson, Kimberly Hummer, Jeremiah Jahi, Chris Karmiol, Dagney Kerr, Gary J. Klavans, Paula Lafayette, Todra Payne, Chris Straeter, Jylian Sy, Michelle Tannen, Cliff Weissman, Jodi Wise Dybala

Conrad Dunn, April Eckfeld, Paul Winfield Ehrlich, Maria Pasquarelli, Robin Mountjoy, Tim Simek, Dolores Aguanno, Bradley Rhone.

Dagney Kerr, Roger Gutierrez, Stirling Nix Bradley, April Eckfeld, Daniel Weisman, Paul Surace, Stephanie Boukalis, Bradley Rhone

Production Crew
Producer – Stacey Ann Raposa
Stage Manager – Javier Martinez
House Manager – Gregory Catania
Flier Design – April Eckfeld
Program Design – Stacy Ann Raposa
Writer’s Workshop Coordinator – Chris Karmiol
AWS Artistic Director – Fran Montano