The 5 Most Trainable Puppy Breeds

The 5 Most Trainable Puppy Breeds

Dogs are one of those things in life that I think most everyone should experience. But, some people want and need a dog that is easily trainable; not only when it comes to tricks, but being well-behaved and learning to potty train early on. If you are looking to purchase puppies for sale in Florida, here are the top 5 most trainable breeds.

Golden Retriever

Not only are these dogs incredibly smart, but they are very easy to train. The Golden Retriever is essentially the “good boy” of the gang of dogs you see here. They love to please their master, but they can also be fun and goofy and playful. It doesn’t matter if you want a companion, a show dog, a hunting dog, an athlete, or something like a guide or service dog, a Golden Retriever is easily trainable for any job. If you need to train this type of dog though, you’ll need to do it right by hiring someone to do it for you – someone that has experience with a Golden Retriever. If you want a friend that will stick by you through thick and thin, the Golden Retriever is the dog for you.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is also very smart as well as highly energetic. They love to play, have fun, be entertained and keep busy! Training them to get involved with certain tricks will lead to hours of fun and playfulness for both the dog and you. They especially love agility tricks like playing with Frisbees, bringing back tennis balls and getting involved in herding trials. Not only are the agility tricks good for the dog and are a way for them to burn off some of that energy, but its a great way for the 2 of you to spend some quality time together too.

German Shepherd

While the German Shepherd can be a great companion, these types of dogs were born feeling like they have a job to do. This is probably one of the biggest reasons you will find these types of dogs doing airport security, being drug sniffing dogs and helping out our military as bomb and IED sniffers. They tend to rely heavily on a strict training plan, but they also know how to have fun which essentially makes them the perfect dog. Make sure that you start training him or her the first day you get them.


A lot of people think that while a Poodle is revered for their looks, its all they are known for. Actually, these dogs are inherently intelligent. Also, because these (as well as Bichon’s) were bred to be circus dogs, they can easily learn tricks and commands. Be careful though, it’s important that for Poodles and Bichon’s that you get them properly potty trained too – they can be a little vengeful and stubborn if left home alone without being trained!

Miniature Schnauzer

With the combination of being able to learn tricks and commands easily with the amount of energy these dogs have; it would only make sense to get them trained early on. They make prime candidates in training grounds, obedience competitions and more. Note: These guys love to bark! So making sure you curb that type of behavior early on is paramount. Although its probably something he wont stop doing entirely, at least you can curb it.

It’s important to remember that each dog is different – even the ones listed above. Each one will meld with you differently, have a different temperament and personality. While these dogs are the 5 most trainable dogs that doesn’t mean by any means that its a guarantee that the puppy you buy will be 100% on the dot in terms of what he or she is “supposed” to be or how he or she is “supposed” to act.

Remember, dogs are like people; they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and live life in different ways. You could, for example, grow up with a Poodle and decide to get another one later on in life and it could be completely different from the first one you owned. That’s why training them is really important.