Takin’ It To The Streets – John Wellington Ennis

While I was recently working on a story, I stumbled upon “PAY 2 PLAY” Director John Wellington Ennis who has a strong background in music that is so imprssive that it needs to be lauded.

Fresh out of college Ennis landed a position with MTV working on their Reality TV shows under the mantles of writer, producer, editor and development.

Ennis also worked on AOL’s feature “SESSIONS”. During his stint with AOL, Ennis worked with such talent as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, MAROON 5, Rihanna and Audio Slave and mentioned Adam Levine (MAROON 5) as a go to guy for the band and a good guy who cared about the quality of the production.

Ennis descirbes his position of videographerfor “SESSIONS” as having a front row seat to the music to come out at that time and added that no two situations are alike. To me, it sounded like the perfect “fly on the wall” position.

Ennis also did a stint with Freemantle Media where he honed his production chops in project development. Ennis has teamed up with Street Artists to come up with a documentary about getting big money out of politics that uses the “Monopoly” game as a backdrop for it’s thoughtful presentation.

Among the Street Artists Ennis used for his documentary is a prolific Street Artist who is known on the streets by the moniker Teachr.

Teachr’s work can be viewed all over Los Angeles which includes our cozy nook of NoHo Arts District.

While chatting up Teachr about his creative process, he surprised me by allowing that he enjoys listening to actress Juliette Lewis and The Licks when he’s working. For those that don’t know who she is, PLEASE go to YouTube and check her out!

Lewis and her band bang out some heavy chops that can easily be compared to those of my Punk Rock Icon Patti Smith. In fact, on YouTube you will find a video of Smith talking about Lewis. Teachr’s choice of Lewis explains why there is Punk Rock music as the soundtrack of a Street Art documentary that Teachr appears in titled “ARTISANS TEMPLAR.”

All in all this adventure into Los Angeles’ and beyond Street Art has been a real treat with more promising to come from Paris when I leave on September 19th. Dare I mention that the French kid named Nelson Vard that I ran into at Jim Morrion’s grave in Paris was on “NOUVELLE STAR” which is a Freemantle Media production…hmmmm.

She Wants The LA Airwaves

Riding high on her #1 status as host of the Jill & the A-List on www.caveradiobroadcasting.com, broadcast journalist Jill Fleisher landed in Hollywood in late August to check out the local music scene and broaden her networking horizons. IE Fleisher wants our airwaves!

Seems like only yesterday that actress Angela McEwan and I were guests on Fleisher’s much touted radio show promoting my book “Gallerie de Street Art:Paris” and talking about my piece of rock n’ roll history on the music scene of Hollywood…we built this city!

During that time it was obvious that Fleisher and Aimee List (the A-List) had a great chemistry which feeds on each other’s wry sense of humor and sense of timing. This was apparent when McEwan’s role in Sheena Metal’s production of “The Vagina Monologues” came up and the subject of “bush” made us all erupt in laughter.

When Fleisher came back over to me, it was to ask about my early history with Frank Zappa at the age of 13, and guest musician Jason Caine of Bloodline Riot asked me how that occurred to which I replied I was the babysitter…isn’t it always the babysitter? More laughter and a few lacivious remarks ensued.

Make no mistake, this show is not timid nor is it family friendly.

It is for rockers and posse to have an adult platform in which they can feel free to discuss their unearthly proclivities and music projects.

Fleisher and I have known each other for a few years via Facebook and met through her sister, Dawn Marie Sargent AKA Penny Lane. In both cases there was bonding through rock n’ roll. For Sargent it was Jimmy Page and for Fleisher it was Dave Grohl.

Over Mango Sangria’s, Fleisher reveals to me that the radio show had originally started out as Hittin’ Hard, but when the co-host at the time bailed she ws still holding the time slot and decided to enist the aide of List. Although it is an obvious play on words, the show does manage to bring in the finest talent from around Detroit as well as other parts of the country.

As to why Fleisher got involved in this project, she admits that she is a fan first and is always looking for inspirational people to interview on her show.

Fleisher adds that “my friend from high school Bill Bardes asked me to come to Hollywood and let him show me the ropes. You need to come to Hollywood and meet people.”

As to why I agreed to do a radio interview when I have refused other’s requests over the years the answer is simple.

I used to run a nightclub that was called THE CAVE. The concept of the cave harkens to Lita Ford’s song “Let’s Get Back To The Cave” and of course Plato’s analogy “The Cave”.

For Fleisher, her decision to host as radio show was that “I’ve been told that when I talk about rock n’ roll I get into a zone and it shows in my face…I light up, but these days it could just be the change…LOL”

Fleisher admits that everything she has done in her past in the field of rock has evolved into what she is doing today. Fleisher adds that she’s looking to Hollywood and it’s scene to extend her range. “I would like to find a place, a niche for my show and bring it here”

If music be the food of love, then play on. W. Shakespeare

The muse struck at a young age and began with Ernie’s Record Shop on Lankershim Blvd. In North Hollywood where I purchased my first Beatle record “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and a record by Major Lance titled “Um,Um,Um,Um,Um,Um”. From there I saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl and I was hooked…on Rock N’ Roll. At the age of 13 it seems as if the magical world of Rock N’ Roll opened up and welcomed me. A trip to Indio with Frank Zappa and possee, and subsequent gigs as a dancer at The Teen Fairs at the Hollywood Palladium sealed the deal. As a trained journalist, I’ve written for magazines, newsletters,newspapers and blogs. In addition, I have run a nightclub by the name of The Cave. Music is the thread that weaves a patchwork quilt of genres, venues and experience out of my life and in the process have introduced many fine acts to my followers. For the rest of my story dear readers, read my articles and it will unfold like the petals of a lotus flower. Sometimes you’ve gotta wear the hat to remind people who they are dealing with. LOL


  1. John Wellington Ennis has a very important book signing for “Where Else But The Streets” coming opening on May 28, 20016 @stonemalonegallery @7619 1/2 Melrose Ave. ph.# 323-282-7070. The opening reception is set to begin at 7pm and rage until 11pm. This event is the first promotion for Ennis’ book which will also feature local Street Artists such as Teachr, Mr. Brainwash, Sabo, Lydia Emily and more. Music is scheduled so please leave your hat on!