Stevie Cornell’s “Stevie Cornell”

A NoHo Arts music review of Stevie Cornell's
A NoHo Arts music review of Stevie Cornell's "Stevie Cornell" album

A NoHo Arts music review of Stevie Cornell’s “Stevie Cornell” album release.

Stevie Cornell is a California-based musician who began his music life as an artist back in the East Bay punk scene of the 70s with The Young Adults band – some of the band’s former members went on to form The Dead Kennedys and Wire Train.  The ’80s rolled on and Stevie was a founding member of the critically acclaimed San Fransisco Americana group, Movie Stars. Then came touring with John Welsey Harding, Red Meat and a couple of decades of family bliss in Vermont. And now, he’s back and ready to invent himself again with his new release, the aptly named, “Stevie Cornell.”

The album is a bit of a surprise considering his eclectic punk background. Each song a little different from the next, it seems like a musical traveler sending postcards to himself.  The songs are gorgeous, pretty, haunting, catchy, fun, deeply personal, immersing the listener is this man’s life and his questions about his life and the world around him.

Stevie Cornell
Stevie Cornell

It’s beautifully produced, poignant in places, stirring in others, romantic and sad. Everything a musician’s heart is, but not sappy at all, not for a minute. Just honest and sweet and heartfelt and very very good. So an old punk brings himself full circle, from touring tough, to family man and back again to thoughtful songwriter, full of stories and philosophical about a life well lived, though far far from over.  

Gorgeous production, open and spacious and giving each note and word all the space it needs to mean something.  I love this record. And we all need some hope and light and peace, and this is how I felt listening to these lovely, interesting and beautifully written songs. 

A NoHo Arts music review of Stevie Cornell's "Stevie Cornell" album
Stevie Cornell

Listen to the lead single “Turn It All Around” in advance of the album release.

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A NoHo Arts music review of Stevie Cornell's "Stevie Cornell" album
Stevie Cornell’s “Stevie Cornell” album


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