Sound Strider “Occult Electric”

“Occult Electric” is an album filled with gorgeous soundscapes, rhythmic incantations, mystical, detailed, twisted coils of sound.  Is this music or prayer?

Poetry made from found sounds, spoken word and manipulated atmospherics all supported with soft heartbeats of persistence.  Like standing in an open space with music and sound and intricate conversational moments all spiraling in the air around you.

Sound Strider is the brainchild of Sam Was, an electronic musical artist and experimentalist, a master at sonic finagling and blissful blending of organic and wildly diverse instruments recorded in beautiful spaces imbuing them with magical elements and echos of the ancient places they occupied.

Sound Strider tours the world with his unique blend of sounds and rhythms.  He writes music for Danza del Caribe, a modern dance company from Santiago de Cuba. He has performed at The Edinburgh Fringe and Mañana Festival and has recently collaborated with acclaimed singer Miriam Wakes to explore Greek mythology and ritualized performance.  This year he formed the label and production company Red Tent Records along with long-time friend and collaborator Ghost In The Chill to bridge the gap between acoustic and electronica – man and machine.

All this clearly feeds this fascinating record.  It defies definition.  I found it both inspiring, energizing and deeply meditative.  You feel as if you are inside the sound, without it overcoming or controlling you.  It’s magical and beguiling, and it creates an almost hallucinogenic dream like experience…I absolutely loved it.


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