Sluka’s “Happy in Your World”

Sulka’s “Happy in Your World”
Sulka’s “Happy in Your World”

A review of Sluka’s “Happy in Your World” single.

I’ve reviewed Sluka’s music a few times now, and each time I am struck by how innovative and deeply personal the music is. So emotional and powerful. But, also, intricately and meaningfully constructed.  The story in the songs is absolutely at the center of it all.  “Happy in Your World” is the third single from the album, “Figure It Out,” and the San Diego band’s 13th.

Christopher Sluka has been a musician for decades, his accomplishments are myriad and impressive – jet pilot, collected painter, distance runner.  He clearly is a man of his own making and a creative soul. All this energy goes into every single note of his music.

Sulka’s “Happy in Your World”
Sulka’s “Happy in Your World”

Sluka’s “Happy in Your World” is a plea to us all to unite.  To understand each other. To love each other. To see our kinship as preeminent, to remember how alike we all are rather than how different.  Yet, “Happy in Your World” is operatic. Also, an epic monumental opus to hope. It grows from simple keys and vocal plea to full on rock opera. All with harmony, direction, precision and style. Gorgeous heartbreaking strings and Sluka’s strong emotional voice bringing the poignant story to its close. The passion put to purpose.

I loved it. But then I love when artists reach for the stars and actually get there. Sluka’s “Happy in Your World” is an artful anthem. A triumphant beautiful dream of a song.  If only it would come true!!

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Anna Eppink – Bass

Michael Bedard – Drums

Nico Hueso – Violin & Viola

Erdis Maxhelaku – Cello

Brad Steinwehe – Trumpet

Jordan Morita – Trombone

Christopher Sluka – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals






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