“She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story”

“She Can Be Evil - A Survivor's Story”
“She Can Be Evil - A Survivor's Story” at Black Voices Solo Theatre/Film Festival at Whitefire Theatre.

A review of “She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story,” written and performed by Sandra Booker, and directed by Juliette Jeffers at the Black Voices Solo Theatre/Film Festival  at The Whitefire Theatre.

Sandra Booker has been a performer since the age of six. She’s an accomplished singer, an actress and a force of nature.  This is her first solo show and it gives us a little taste of her life story. But, it actually centers around her sexual assault.  We hear so often how most sexual assault is perpetrated by people known to the victim, either family or friends or partner. In Sandra’s case, it was a man she had known two decades.  She had created music with him, formed a deep friendship with him and had been secretly in love with him from the moment they met.

So when he raped her, at the end of their first real date, it shattered her world on many many levels. Not only was she heartbroken, but she was also ostracized from the work she loved – music.  Ghosted by those she trusted, shunned by those she loved, what was already the worst moment in her life became a continuing stream of terrible moments.  

However, this play is more about Sandra’s resilience than anything else. It profiles a woman who refused to disappear when those around her wished for just that. 

“She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story” is a triumphant chorus. A howl of determined and undaunted anger from a  woman with more spirit that anyone could have known. Perhaps, even her.

“She Can Be Evil - A Survivors Story”
“She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story” at Black Voices Solo Theatre/Film Festival at Whitefire Theatre.

Solo shows are often intimate stories from the lives of the performer and none is more intimate a story than this.  So in the telling of it there must be a combination of thoughtfulness and pain, a balance between entertainment and documentation, a purposeful understanding of what must be told and how to do it with grace. Sandra Booker has more than accomplished this.  

She tells her story with dignity, with candor, and with her own beautiful singing voice, using her own words to open her soul to the audience and with that heal a little. 

I love solo work, this is no secret. At its best it can be deeply touching, profound and transformative.  “She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story” is absolutely one of the best I have seen.  Bravo, Sandra! And thanks to Juliette Jeffers for guiding her so well.

I hope Sandra will perform her show again soon, but until then you can find out more about her and what’s she’s up to below.

Sandra’s Socials:  

Website: https://www.sandrabooker.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.booker.10/

Instagram: @sandrabookermusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SandraBooker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandrabooker

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