Shari Shaw Acting Studio – Pilot Season Sit-Com Intensive.

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Shari Shaw, is “one of Hollywood’s premier acting coaches” – and “L.A.’s #1 Acting Class for Comedy” – is teaching a 1-Day On-Camera Sit-Com Intensive Workshop for Pilot Season. Shari’s unique understanding of the art, science and performance of comedy will teach you to understand sit-com, be funny and book your auditions.

ON-CAMERA ADVANCED AUDITION CLASS (“Fast Friday’) – Friday 12-2pm
ON-CAMERA SIT-COM CLASS – Wednesday 12-3pm
MASTER SCENE STUDY CLASS – Thursday 6:30-10pm

– Learn Shari’s exclusive ‘7 Steps to Telling The Story’.

– Find the Set Up and Joke in each line and scene .

– Define your comic persona.

– Learn to use your personality to bring out the comedy and give the best and most individual performance.

– Understand the subtleties and similarities between acting for comedy vs. acting for drama.

– Explore Single-camera and 4-camera TV comedy.

Here’s what some of Shari’s Clients are saying about her:

Freddy Rodriquez (Six Feet Under, Ugly Betty, Grindhouse) – ‘Shari is a great sparring partner for any actor’

Lisa Vidal (The Event, Southland, ER) – ‘Shari is a dynamic teacher who helps you find your purpose and character in a scene.

Amy Acker (Angel, Alias) – ‘Shari is awesome! You leave her class feeling like you’re going to get the job.’

Felicia Day (The Guild, Buffy) – ‘Shari’s acting class opened a lot of doors for me.’

Marla Sokoloff (The Practice) – ‘Shari’s technique is a gift from the acting gods.’

Eric Winter (Ugly Truth, brothers & Sisters) – ‘Shari has taken my auditioning to the next level.’

About Shari Shaw

WHAT IS YOUR TECHNIQUE?  I’ve been coaching actors for 12 years, following my own 15-year acting career. (Don’t even try and guess how old I am!!)  I’ve combined a variety of methods into my own unique process that uses the actor’s personal experience and their imaginary life together in the creation of the life of the character.  I’ve developed a specific 7-Step Method that allows the actor to be free in his/her body and go deep into his/her emotional life. I help you be specific in your  thoughts to create a 3-dimensional life of the character. My technique allows actors to express the life of their character in the most intriguing, invigorating and individualized way.


I don’t have a cookie cutter approach for everyone to do the same thing the same way. I allow each individual actor to create through their own impulses and thoughts. You can’t fail with the tools I give you; weather it be for light comedy or deep drama.


Each actor is emailed a 4-camera comedy script and a single camera comedy script from shows currently on the air, in production and casting.

We begin by discussing the differences between 4-camera and single camera comedy. We will then break down 2 separate scripts together as a group and I’ll explain my 7-Step Process.

Each actor does their first scene on camera and gets specific adjustments

After lunch, I’ll pair up 2-4 actors for their second on-camera scene. We will work on cold reading skills as well.  Then we watch the tape and comment. It’s an exhausting, exciting, invigorating and intensive day

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