Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”

Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”
Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”

Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey” album review.

So, what is Proto-Punk Country-Alt I hear you ask?  Well, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure, until I listened to Scotty Karate and his new album “Always Honey.” So now I have the full definition.  It’s a live record mostly, with a few little adjustments by producer Darrin James.  So you get that intrinsically authentic vibe.  Just Scotty Karate and his guitar, tearing at your heart.

And boy can he tear.  In fact, his voice is haunting.  Kind of a baritone Tom Waits, all effortless emotion and pain-ridden longing.  There’s something about his cover of “Unchained Melody” that utterly destroys the original version. Like he’s the last man on earth. Alone. Bereft. Singing like there truly is no-one there and never will be.

Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”
Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”

Genius move to record this as a live album.  Scotty Karate’s gift is his performance. Every track sung and played as if communicating with an audience the utter truth of each song is all there is.  If you have ever heard an original vinyl recording of Buddy Holly singing anything, then you will understand how raw untethered rockabilly vocals can pierce the heart.  Scotty Karate sings like that. He believes absolutely everything he says. And you can feel it.

I can’t tell you how brilliant Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey” album is. I guess you will just have to take a listen!! Love, love, loved this record.

Favorite track, “Lil B” – gorgeous (and it’s my daughters name).

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Scotty Karate: Guitar, Vocals, Drums

Darrin James: Keys

Producer: Darrin James






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