Real Estate in LA – Finding Rental Properties 2023

Image by Peter Thomas from Pixabay

Los Angeles always has been and is showing evident trends that it will continue to be a city full of opportunities — whether that’s for work, study, or even leisure. With it being the hub of Hollywood and TV, it comes as no surprise that the ‘City of Angels’ is also an expensive city to live in. However, filtering your search by price range, looking outside Central LA, as well as considering shared accommodation are just a few of the options that can make apartment hunting much more viable! 

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to find somewhere to live. All you have to do is Search on Google ‘rooms for rent in Los Angeles’ and you’ll find plenty of opportunities within a matter of seconds. Here, we have some of the best tips and tricks to ensure that you find an apartment or home that ticks all of your boxes and fits your personal criteria. 

With just a bit of research and consideration, let’s deep-dive into the heart of Los Angeles, so keep reading below!

Look Outside Central LA

If you’re on the hunt for a rental apartment, then one of the best ways to go about doing this is to broaden your horizons and your apartment search zone. It’s easy to think of LA and simply focus on neighborhoods that are in central LA because that is where the hub of the action is usually situated. But why not look outside of it? 

Consider looking at locations such as the San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, or South Bay areas, which may offer more economical rental options than somewhere like the westside LA neighborhoods.

It may mean that your commute is just a little bit longer when going in for work or university, for instance, but on the plus side, it means you’re not constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of central LA, which has foot traffic of tourists and residents alike meaning you can have a bit of peace and quiet in the evenings. Places like the San Fernando Valley are also in the process of developing a light rail that will make your commutes into LA all the more accessible!

Look for Older Buildings

As LA has grown and expanded, for understandable reasons, so has the number of apartments and residential homes in the area in the form of apartments and skyscraper buildings.

The newer, more luxurious-looking apartment buildings are typically more expensive than buildings from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s, which are older constructions. But why go on just the look of a building from the outside?

Although slightly older and more well-lived, the older constructions may not be new or futuristic looking, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t well-maintained from the inside! We would certainly recommend that you don’t give up on an apartment or home just based on what it looks from the outside, especially if it looks a little bit older.

Rather, take a look around inside via a tour, and in most cases, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They are often the most well-maintained and looked-after establishments, and personally, we think it adds a little bit of character to the place if it has been well-loved and gives it a cozy feel as well. And there’s something about seeing old apartment signs in LA that just give it that rustic feel, like something out of an old Hollywood movie!

For some added reassurance, in some instances, you may even find the age of a building or when it was constructed when looking at apartment listings, which should give you an idea about whether rents might be on the lower or higher end.


Shared Homes

Another option to consider when looking to rent an apartment in Los Angeles is home sharing. You may find the best way to make your rental price manageable is something as simple as living in a shared apartment with someone or even a few other people!

Not only is this beneficial in terms of the rental price, but it also means that you will have housemates on hand whenever you want to talk to them! The socializing aspect of living in LA can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never lived or experienced being in a big city before. It might not be something that comes to mind straight away, but living alone can get lonely, and having even one other person to chat with or go home to can be a source of comfort.


While the Los Angeles rental market remains challenging for budget-conscious renters, with some smart searching, you can uncover some really great options just waiting for you. Looking beyond central LA, considering older buildings, and looking into a home or apartment share are a few proven strategies for finding a great place to live in LA at a price you can afford. Keep at it, and you’ll be settling into your new LA rental in no time!