“Rabbit Hole” by Ruby Topaz

A NoHo Arts music review of “Rabbit Hole” by Ruby Topaz.
A NoHo Arts music review of “Rabbit Hole” by Ruby Topaz.

A NoHo Arts music review of “Rabbit Hole” by Ruby Topaz. 

Rhode Island glam rock band Ruby Topaz’s latest release “Rabbit Hole” is a huge album. A 16-track journey through their eclectic and vibrant rock sound born out of the late eighties but with its heart and soul set in 70s glam rock.

You can clearly hear the echoes of Queen and Frampton and Robert Plant. Not bad influences if you ask me! With 16 songs to chose from, you can take your pick from the glorious walls of sound that tell all Mark Bram’s stories. Mark is the alter ego of Ruby Topaz and the heart of the group. 

Over the years Mark has amassed a big collection of authentic vintage and clone plugins and NOS parts for his own studio. This attention to detail can be heard loud and clear in every track. The vocals are big and emotional, more Mercury and Plant.  But the voice is Ruby’s own. 

“Rabbit Hole” is a brilliant album, especially if you love the serious sounds of layer upon layer of gorgeous rock with slightly funky overtones from a deeply committed band of truly excellent musicians.  

“Rabbit Hole” is theatrical, dramatic, kitschy and loud….but in the best possible way. It’s all heart…electrified! 

Listen or purchase “Rabbit Hole” at Bandcamp. | Stream “Rabbit Hole” on Spotify.


Mark Bram: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Guitar Synth, Keyboards (in the Studio on the recordings Bass, Percussion and sometimes Drums; as well as engineering,  mixing, producing and songwriting)

Steve D’Andrea: Drums and Percussion (live and Studio), Backing Vocals (live)

Stephen Fassbender: Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals (Live only, no studio)

Producer Name(s): Mark Bram

A NoHo Arts music review of “Rabbit Hole” by Ruby Topaz.



Bandcamp: https://rubytopaz.bandcamp.com/album/rabbit-hole

Youtube Channel: Rabbit Hole album link: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nMqoycBqC2gpfDFfzqIrhAiS9fEgpxj0E

Ruby Topaz Channel: https://youtube.com/@MrRubytopaz

Artist Contact Email: mark@rubytopaz.com