[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts theatre review of Comedian Amy Veltman’s one-woman show PSA: PELVIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – at the Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest 2024.

The mysteries of the pelvic floor are artfully revealed by the hilarious and highly informative Amy Veltman. In this brilliant solo show Amy relates her own recent personal journey through her pelvic health. As she discovers why and how she poos and pees in sometimes distressing and painful ways, she shares is all with us…slightly coyly, with a lot of humor and very, very gently.

As a woman of a certain age myself, having had a couple of kids and various pretty normal health ‘occurrences,’ I can totally relate to absolutely everything in this gorgeously written odyssey of the bowel and surrounding organs. Not everything always works the way it should…whether you are a man or a woman or someone in between or both. It’s all very complicated and stressful and life is also complicated and stressful. All that can then lead to more complicated and stressful events in your gut which can then lead to etcetera etcetera..hence the premise of the show.


What’s particularly magical about Amy’s show though is not so much the nature of her problems, but how she manages to enlighten and entertain while still being cute. No one really likes to talk about their stomach issues. It’s embarrassing and awkward. But it’s also something almost everyone on earth has to deal with every once in a while, so you would think we would be more able by now to deal with it more openly… clearly we are not.

In order to help explain her abdominal experiences, Amy creates colourful characters out of her various body parts. BobBowel, Magenta Tang – pelvic positive presenter, and the glorious Maxine Lavagine – vagina et al extraordinaire! Using these delightful personas she extolls the virtues of gut health, kegels, not ignoring your body and how being healthy can be a bit boring. 


Oh, and she also sings…brilliant, funny thematic songs about poop, healthcare privileges and leaky bladders and my fave…how “we’re disgustingly beautiful…just the way we are.”

Her honesty and her dry, sweet humor is soothing and warmly infectious. Although maybe that’s not the right word to use about a show centred around pelvic health. She also has some wonderful mixed media and videos, unpacking her pelvic wand is particularly amusing…

Amy Veltman’s PSA: PELVIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT is absolutely genius.  I loved it. She’s one of those artful performers who doesn’t ram everything into one hour of solo mania. She unfolds it all, giving us time to think, to process and therefore to actually take part in the show ourselves. 

How we relate to her story happens in real time, not just in the car on the way home.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was for that. To be able to ruminate as she is one stage engaging and disarming and being funny and poetic all at once. 


Her performance was delightful and heartfelt, honest and bold, like your best friend sharing an amusing story about themselves. Not scary, not rude, not at all TMI. Amy Veltman is an incredibly clever and gifted storyteller with something important to say. 

It might not blow your mind, but it might just save your life…if you know what I mean. Taking care of our health is usually the last thing on our list, and our bowels are at the center of our bodies and our lives after all. We should pay far more attention to them, even if we don’t actually have pet names for them…at least not yet.

If you ever have the chance to see this show…I strongly advise you do…a prescription of sorts. Just check with your doctor or your lawyer before you do!