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Black Reuss’s “Metamorphosis”

Black Reuss’s “Metamorphosis” is heavy.  Heavy metal of course, but also heavy in tone and subject and meaning. 

Zack Oakley’s “Badlands”

Zack Oakley’s “Badlands” is a cinematic overwhelming diorama filled with gorgeous dirty west coast guitars and inescapable bluesy gloom.

“I Hear So Extremely Loud”

An interview with Eva Hase, the writer and performer of “I Hear So Extremely Loud” with an encore performance on September 11.

Electric Treatment Free

Electric Treatment Free’s debut EP, “Electric Treatment Free,” is an electroacoustic tiptoe through the musical mind of this delightfully strange and experimental Ottawa-based musician and...

Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey”

Scotty Karate’s “Always Honey” album review. Genius move to record this as a live album.  Scotty Karate’s gift is his performance. Every track sung and played...

Serious Sam Barrett’s “The Seeds of Love”

Serious Sam Barrett’s “The Seeds of Love” album is made up of songs taken from the book of the same name.  Published by the English Folk...

Disaster Relief’s “Back Into It”

Disaster Relief’s “Back Into It” is funky, funky, funky!  Jazz, Jazz, Jazz.  

Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk”

A review of Paul Feder’s “Nightwalk” EP release. Spiritual, yearning, deeply organic electronic music that envelopes you as it spirals onwards and upwards through the...

The Reggaestra “Tribute to Bunny Walker”

A review of The Reggaestra “Tribute to Bunny Walker” album produced by Grammy nominated producer Picstitch.

No Past Future Single “The Plug”

No Past Future Single “The Plug.” “The Plug” is a gorgeous song. A love song. A pop song. A hopeful song. The vocals are soft...