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Hippy’s “Falling in Love with Being Alive”

Hippy’s “Falling in Love with Being Alive” is epic poetry set to a rock rhythm and spiraling guitars. Laced with spoken word, clips of worlds from...

Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo”

Mother Ghost’s “Somnambulo” - heritage is utterly sublime. Their voices so completely their own, and Oscar and Thomas feel retro and new at the same...

Sluka’s “Happy in Your World”

Sulka’s “Happy in Your World” is a plea to us all to unite. It's an artful anthem. A triumphant beautiful dream of a song.

Har’Monique’s “New”

Har’Monique’s “New” Single Release

Celebrity Warship Culture’s “Recreational Everything”

Celebrity Warship Culture’s “Recreational Everything” These songs are from the heart, with lyrics seemingly deeply personal. The rawness is utterly captivating and achingly truthful. Earnest,...

An Interview with Goldbaby

An Interview with Goldbaby - the toast of the Hollywood Fringe Festival this year, earning them an encore award no less! Encore performance Sept. 24.

Abiura’s “Hauntology”

Abiura’s “Hauntology” is one 31-minute single track split into six sections in a continuous arching journey through the artist’s perception of capitalism and its effect...

Black Reuss’s “Metamorphosis”

Black Reuss’s “Metamorphosis” is heavy.  Heavy metal of course, but also heavy in tone and subject and meaning. 

Zack Oakley’s “Badlands”

Zack Oakley’s “Badlands” is a cinematic overwhelming diorama filled with gorgeous dirty west coast guitars and inescapable bluesy gloom.

“I Hear So Extremely Loud”

An interview with Eva Hase, the writer and performer of “I Hear So Extremely Loud” with an encore performance on September 11.