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“So, what’s your day job?”

The first question that I get when I accidentally mention that I am an actor is, “So, what’s your day job?” The only other question...

When Other Actors Do Well in Their Career

I love hearing when other actors do well in their careers whether I know them personally or not. How do other actors do well in their career?

The Future of Film

The Future of Film. As another friend of mine told me recently, “Your iPhone has more dynamic range and better resolution,” than all the movies...

“Diversity Casting, Finally?”

Diversity Casting, Finally?

“And We’re Back?”

By the looks of things in the media and on the very streets I travel down, it appears that all is almost back to normal....

How Much Film Equipment Do You Really Need?

How Much Equipment Do You Really Need?

Taking a Break (Hiatus) in the Film (and Real) World.

What does a hiatus really mean? Taking a Break? Let’s explore what hiatus means in this NoHo Artist’s Blog, part three.

Award Season, Does It Still Matter?

By this time last year, I was up to my neck with screenings and Q & As all over town. Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, Paramount,...

Acting, Writing, Directing in the Age of Covid

I anguished over the title of my new articles for 2021. I dare say, I even had a few words exchanged with my higher ups...

NoHo Director’s Blog – From the Top Down

I was reminiscing with a colleague of mine about a movie that she and I acted in a couple of years ago and that conversation...