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Actors “To Study or Not To Study”

A question that keeps coming up in my acting classes is, “What technique is best?"

Actors and “Agents”

Representation is a word that brings with it elation and agony, success and futility and auditions or obscurity.

“Student Films”

Since the moment I arrived in Los Angeles, I followed one rule all the way up to the present day, “Working on set is better...

Actor’s Blog “Love & War”

Today I found myself on set doing reshoots for a film I was in back in May.

“Hollywood Bound” – An Actor’s Journey

I was teaching an Introduction to Acting class in Boyle Heights last week.

Love the Craft of Acting

An actor has to be really in love with their craft.

Four Plays and Three Films

I was still teaching tennis at a couple of clubs while I went out on auditions in New York. 

The First Year

How did you get started in the business? What is the best way to get an agent or a manager? 

A Working Actor in L.A.

What I know after 30 years as an actor in New York and L.A. is that the only rule that is true in show business...