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Director’s Blog – When the Poo Hits the Plan

Covid, the upcoming elections, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and melting glaciers are but a few of the many challenges 2020 has presented to us, me, you,...

NoHo Director’s Blog – The Creative Fire

Well, we resumed filming at the end of August and with the exception of one more day of exteriors, we are just about wrapped for...

“The Best Laid Schemes O’ Mice an’ Men…”

On August 8, principal photography commenced on the L.A. episode of, “Ten Films/Ten Countries: A Cinematic Journey.”

So, What Is a Filmmaker, a Storyteller, to Do During the Age of Covid-19?

It seems to be that it is hard enough to get a script just right for a producer to sign on and raise capital in...

The Importance of Art

I was not going to write a blog this month because I felt that what was going on in the world with COVID-19 and the...

Force Majeure

My flight to Dublin, Ireland was booked months in advance.

The Plan: “Ten Films/Ten Countries: A Cinematic Journey.”

In the late summer of 2019, as I was prepping for the first of the 10 films that would comprise, “Ten Films/Ten Countries: A Cinematic...

Actors Blog “2019 in Review”

I’m one of those annoying people that loves “Top Ten Lists” of the best or worse movies of the year.

Actors – “To Study or Not to Study”

Whether you are working or not, there comes a time in an actor’s life where you consider perfecting your craft.