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“The Harder They Fall,” “Passing” and “Dune”

Movie reviews of “The Harder They Fall,” “Passing” and “Dune."

“No Time to Die” and “The Many Saints of Newark”

Mike Peros’ movie reviews of “No Time to Die” and “The Many Saints of Newark.”

“Cry Macho” and “Worth”

What to watch next? Reviews of "Cry Macho" on HBOMax and "Worth" on Netflix.

Movie Review – “Pig” and “Reminiscence”

There are any number of films competing for your attention, but for my money, the most affecting new movie is headlined by none other than...

“The Suicide Squad” and “Jolt”

“The Suicide Squad” and “Jolt” movie reviews. One thing I discovered this summer is that the cinematic universe is large enough to accommodate two terrific...

Black Widow and Summer of Soul

Black Widow and Summer of Soul movie reviews.

Movie Reviews: In the Heights; The Wrath of Man

Movie reviews of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit turned film In the Heights and Guy Ritchie reuniting with Jason Statham in The Wrath of Man.

“Those Who Wish Me Dead”; “Halston”; Some Nice Things You May Have Missed

“Those Who Wish Me Dead,” “Halston" movie reviews and some nice things you may have missed include “Let Him Go," “News of the World” and...

Unsolicited Thoughts on Oscars

Unsolicited Thoughts on Oscars and Reviews of Some Films You Might Have Missed.

Movie Reviews: “The Last Blockbuster” and “Class Action Park”

I know it’s Oscar season, but I’ve been reviewing a number of movies and documentaries that alas, were not nominated, but which are all worthy...