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Most dogs in shelters have been killed with kindness

The vast majority of dogs we see from rescues, evaluate in shelters and get in for training that have fear aggression, aggression or reactivity issues...

The Secret to a Well Behaved Dog

Do you expect your dog to be calm without practicing it? 

How to Truly Save a Dog’s Life from a Shelter/Rescue.

We adopted this girl two years ago. ?? She’s about 3 years old now.

Does Your Dog Suffer from Anxiety?

It’s something I see constantly.  The root of MANY unwanted behaviors starts with an anxious dog.  What do I mean by anxiety? 

Living with your dog

Teaching our dogs self control so they can be a big part of our lives is what everyone hopes for.

Common questions from dog owners before training:

Common questions from dog owners before training:

What they DON’T tell you about socializing your puppy!

Serious trouble comes from socializing a puppy AFTER they have had their vaccinations.

Do dogs like hugs and getting in their face for kisses?

This is something we come across a lot and I hear debated by so many people. 

The Amazing Dog Nose

I have always been fascinated by a mammal’s senses from an orca whale to an elephant and a dog’s nose is an amazing thing worth...

Puppy Training Time!

You got a new puppy over the holidays, you're headed back to work and now struggling?