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Heat Wave Indoor Exercises

This time of year for many is tough. It’s so hot you can’t even walk your dog after 9am! This is really difficult for higher...

If you want your dog to change, you must change

There’s just no getting around this! If you want your dogs behavior to change then you must change-some of it has to be permanent, not...

Quarantine Socialization with Pets

Under these different and odd circumstances, I’ve received countless emails and questions on socializing new puppies and new rescue dogs.

Debunking some myths of what dogs need and want in a walk.

Let’s keep talking about the walk.

How can the walk become a job?

Everyone says dogs need a job and they’ll be less stressed, reactive and over stimulated…but what does that even mean?

Why can’t an old dog learn new tricks?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

The Heart of a Golden Retriever

Retrievers are very special indeed.

A Dog For Christmas

It’s that time again, holiday get a puppy time!

To kids, dogs often must be a chore or they are ignored.

How often has your kid grown tired of a new toy, hobby or sport at school?

Incremental success equals stacking!

Incremental success equals stacking!  This is a key component in dog training that gets overlooked.