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Time to Take Control to Help Your Dog.

Today’s blog is going to give you some key points to think about when you are trying to take control to help your dog in...

Our Dogs Are Bored!

Our Dogs Are Bored! They need mental work, a mission. Here are key ways to mentally enrich and fulfill your dog's needs.

The Debate Over Exercise for Dogs!

I always find debate over exercise for dogs interesting and I don’t have all the answers. Cesar Milan hit the big stage quite some time...

Get the Most Out of Play with Your Dog

Are you really utilizing play to bond with your dog and create impulse control? Here’s how to get the most out of play with your...

Pets: How Dogs Are Dealing with the Pandemic Changes

Things are changing.  Many of us are going back to work, traveling again, moving for new jobs and other changes are really affecting our dogs. ...

Do You and Your Dog Dread Baths?

Let’s talk dog baths, but not just any dog, a dog that really struggles with being bathed, even becomes aggressive or panicky.  

Importance of Space for Dogs and Puppies

The key to any training, puppy or dog is...SPACE. Becoming more aware of your environment and how the lack of space with certain things creates...

Getting a Dog during Holiday Break!

It’s that time of year again!  So many people everywhere are planning on getting a puppy or rescue dog around this time. 

When is affection appropriate?

This is such a common question I get and there is no easy answer now that we live with our dogs and they have so...

Leash Training 101

Leash training a dog can really be difficult. Dogs don’t like to be held back with something foreign, like a leash, so it can cause...