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Best Vegan Cookies – 3 Ways

These are the best vegan cookie recipes I've ever tried. Vegan Triple Chocolate Cookie, Vegan S'Mores Cookie or Vegan Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie, this video...

Vegan Chili Con Carne in 15 Minutes? | Vs Jaime Oliver [Recipe]

This vegan chili con carne is quick, easy and a healthy option for lunch or dinner.

Vegan Chicken Couscous -Jamie Oliver Style

Jaime Oliver says his recipe for vegan chicken couscous only takes 15 minutes, and I think he’s lying. We’re going to be testing him as...

Can You ACTUALLY Cook Jamie Oliver’s Mexican BLT In 15 Minutes?

Today we're taking Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals Mexican BLT and turning it Vegan.

Making The Best Vegan Creme Egg Rocky Road / Tiffin

With Easter soon upon us, how bout instead of attempting to make a creme egg (boring), let’s combine it with some delicious rocky road /...

Can You Cook Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Tikka Salad in 15 Minutes?

Today we put Jamie Oliver to the sword once again and see if you can cook his Chicken Tikka Salad in the 15 minutes he...

How long does it ACTUALLY take to cook Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals?│Vegan Chicken Fajitas│IJTP

Whenever I see Jamie Oliver’s 15/30 minute meals, I always think there’s no way that’s possible in that time.

How To Meal Plan In Minutes! (21 Easy Cheap Student Friendly Meals) │Vegan

In the final episode of our 21 meals for under £25 series, I show you how you can make a super quick meal plan within...

Dirty Rice, Chia Seed Pudding + More (3 Quick, Cheap and Amazing Student Friendly Recipes) │Vegan

In today's episode, we're whipping up a chocolate chia seed pudding for breakfast (it literally just tastes like chocolate pudding it's mental), an amazing pea...

Avocado Pizza, Alfredo + More (3 Quick, Cheap and Amazing Student Friendly Recipes) │Vegan

Avocado pizza is better than you can imagine.  And, check out this easy but delicious Alfredo!  Subscribe for more tasty, vegan, and cheap recipes.  Nutritional...