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Artist Spotlight | Adam Thiele

This month’s LA Art blog is an artist spotlight on Adam Thiele. Prolifically a Plein Air painter, Thiele has a vision for a new ‘revival’...

Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger

Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger

The Glendale Alteria | Q&A with Laurie Shapiro

This month’s LA Art blog is a Q&A with Laurie Shapiro on her art installation “The Glendale Alteria” at the Glendale Galleria. Laurie Shapiro is...

Artist Spotlight | Kristin Posehn and Inverted Dome

The MAK Center for Art & Architecture exhibited the launch of Inverted Dome. The event included a conversation between artist Kristin Posehn and curator Aurora...

Artist Spotlight | April Bey

This month’s LA Art artist spotlight is on April Bey.

Your Body Is a Space that Sees

This month’s LA Art feature is on Lia Halloran’s exhibit Your Body Is a Space that Sees at LAX.

Artist Spotlight | Carla Jay Harris

This month’s LA Art artist spotlight is on Carla Jay Harris. What makes Harris so special is her magical ability to create fantastical (and yet...

Pleasure Garden

This month’s LA Art feature is on the “Pleasure Garden” at the Laurie Shapiro Studio Gallery running through July 30. Alone, Shapiro’s studio is a...

Artist Spotlight | Mark Steven Greenfield 

Artist Spotlight | Mark Steven Greenfield - So in tune with the pulse of modern-American stereotypes and racial tension...

“Black is Beautiful” Exhibit at Art Angels

lack is Beautiful," a month-long group exhibition, featuring artists who recently had the spotlight on them at Micah’s Aku World experience at Art Basel