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Whole for the Holidays

Well… we got through Halloween. The bucket of candy by the door or the wrappers you find between the seats in your car may be...

An Interview with the Dreamgirls Cast

An interview with the Dreamgirls cast at the Cupcake Studios in NoHo Arts District. 

The Dawn of the Dance Challenge

It seems like there’s a new dance craze taking the world by storm almost every other day. 

The Right Place at the Right Time: Beychella

   Over the last few weeks, before Kanye lost his mind, the hot topic on every news outlet and social media platform was Beyoncé's electrifying...

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

From the moment I got the call to interview as the Director of the LA Sparks Ole Skool Crew, I knew it would be an...

Debbie Reynolds Studio: A Treasured Legacy in the Balance

Debbie Reynolds Studio: A Treasured Legacy in the Balance.

Get to Know ‘818 Empire’

As each generation navigates through and beyond their prime years in the dance industry, a select few get the yearning to structure development programs that...

Overcoming Dance Anxiety

Overcoming Dance Anxiety

“Betty Rox the World of Dancehall”

“Betty Rox the World of Dancehall”

I Dream of Pinky

I Dream of Pinky