Poop-Free NoHo!


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NOHO DOG POOP www.nohoartsdistrict.comHi, I’m Sam. I live in the NoHo Arts District. Everyday I watch a woman walk her dog on Vineland Place. It’s a cute little Chihuahua. She pretends to be busy with her telephone (the woman, not the dog) while her little friend makes poo poo on the sidewalk. Then this woman walks away as if she has no idea her dog made a mess on our neighborhood’s sidewalk. I would believe this to be a mistake if I hadn’t seen the same woman do they same thing every other day. But, it’s not just her. I see it all around the arts district. I actually tried calling people out on it. But who turns into the jerk? You are the jerk. How dare you say something?!

The first thing you do when stepping in dog doodie in public is make sure nobody else saw the horror you encountered. It’s embarrassing. The next series of thoughts is what type of dog owner would not take full responsibility of their dog’s excrement? These people may have great self respect but no respect for others or their pet. The simple fact is, these people who do not clean up their dog’s waste are disgusting. There is no argument to be had here. It’s simple common sense procedure: care enough about yourself and others to make sure you pick up your dog’s poo.

It would be a great thing if our North Hollywood neighborhood got together to snap a shot of these disrespectful people and tag it with #nohopoop.

Editor’s note: Any thoughts on what can be done to help create a poop-free NoHo?

Thanks, Glozell Green for this song, Pick Up After Your Dog.


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