Pointers on Identifying a Shady Online Casino

Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/ace-of-spade-playing-card-on-grey-surface-262333/

The online casino is noted for its accessibility, convenience, and wide range of casino games which makes it very popular nowadays among virtual punters of all generations. Added to it, online casinos are designed to offer numerous bonuses.

As mentioned, it is very convenient that players can wager anytime and anywhere using their modern gadgets including smartwatches. Virtual punters can place a bet using real money and receive real cash as well in case the player hits the jackpot.

One of the benefits of the online casino is the chance for the potential players to play any casino games for free which is the casino without deposit. This type of bonus the kasinot ilman tiliä or casinos without an account in English is offered by many casino sites including bogus sites so to avoid getting involved in these fraudulent sites it is advised to be vigilant in choosing an online casino.

What is a Fraudulent Casino?

Fraud casino sites are gambling sites that have a bad record and are considered blacklisted by the online casino community because of the following reasons:

1.     Takes advantage of the bonus

The rogue casinos create an online casino platform and would offer extraordinary Terms which would eventually lure potential players to make a deposit. After these players make a deposit and used the welcome bonus (typically given to newly signed players) the fraudulent casino site will eventually withdraw the funds and then closes the site or abandon it.

2.     Cheating on the RTP

All online casinos in general offer Return to Player (RTP) and the site will inform the player of the accumulated RTPs and when they should be returned. In the Fraudulent casino however, they keep on delaying it.

3.     Gnoming

This act is also called multi-accounting with the same bookmaker and this usually occurs in online sports betting. A fraudulent casino usually opens or makes a lot of accounts using other people’s names and uses them to get all the bonuses and winnings.

4.     Chip Dumping

This type of cheating happens in online poker where these fraudsters have multiple accounts on the same poker table in order to manipulate the game.

5.     RNG alteration

The majority of the shady casinos have altered RNG. RNG or the random number generators are responsible for a fair and random outcome for the casino players. However, you can detect its trickery if the edge is always at the casino site and you are always at the losing end.

These are the most common fraudulent action done by a rogue online casino. It is indeed concerning because these shady casinos look and function similar to authentic licensed casinos. Additionally, some authorized jurisdictions give licenses to some online casinos and are quite lenient about it.

So how are we going to avoid these shade casinos?

·        Check the license

Perhaps the most common advice given to players is to check the casino site of they have a license or if they renewed their license. The license is usually located at the bottom part of the casino site platform. If you can’t see it, send a message to customer support thru a chatbot. If no reply from them, proceed to the next casino site.

·        Trustworthy Customer Service

It is natural for customers to ask questions especially prospective players. It is customer service’s duty to answer all queries if possible in a friendly and reliable manner. Typical queries which can be answered by a chatter bot are alright but a human customer service representative sounds more dependable.

·        Check for the Audit of the company

Aside from the license, it is also advised to check if it is properly audited by the eCogra or the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. You can check its seal at the bottom of the platform.

Final Insight:

The online casino is a big industry and if handled well along with the good personal relations of the customer support of the casino site, chances are the site will stay long in the business and will flourish. Due to these reasons, it cannot be helped that fake casino sites will also appear.