Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger

Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger
Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger. Photo by: Lauren Desberg.

This month’s LA Art blog features the Performative Pop-Ups’ The Messenger.

What is intimacy, but a feeling of closeness, trust, and care for the individual self within the confines of a relationship – any relationship? Often used in the context of romantic relationships, Performative Pop-Ups extends this feeling of closeness to its ….well….performative pop-ups. 

Founded by Mia Orozco, Performative Pop-Ups is both driver and vessel for curated performances, and artistic experiences which enable connection to the community. In addition to this link, Performative Pop-Ups tap into the audience’s senses, and inspire across a number of aesthetic plains. With international reach and contributions, Mia Orozco leverages Performative Pop-Ups in a manner true to its namesake:

“Performative Pop-Ups can happen in any city, in any state, and any country, in a hotel, out by the river, inside an abandoned wine factory…”

It’s no wonder that a vast array of both artists and dancers have been drawn to Orozco’s brainchild; Performative Pop-Ups is a platform for seasoned artists, and those looking to gather a line in their CV. 

Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger
Photo by: Michael Palma

I had the pleasure of joining Performative Pop-Ups’ The Messenger. Immersive and enveloping in nature, The Messenger invited the intimate group of onlookers to move throughout both community, communal spaces, and Laurie Shapiro’s now bereft art studio (Shapiro has recently made upgrades, and certainly sent us out with a bang).

Performative Pop-Ups | The Messenger
Photo by: Remo Fioroni

An immersive dance performance by Julienne Mackey, created in collaboration with Olivia Mia Orozco, The Messenger premiered this summer as quickly as it vanished. An explicit mélange of the man-made world, and the natural world at large, The Messenger is informed by Hopi mythology, centering around earth and edification thereof. For Orozco, symbology of the hummingbird ties to creation myths, but also belief that they are her personal stewards. “For Orozco, the messenger comes ‘when I’m on the right path. When I’m in alignment with my joy and bliss and exactly where I’m supposed to be.’ “

Performative Pop-Ups challenges us to question the nature of ephemeral live art; where is the dance when it’s been danced? Where does it go? Is it any less palpable than the works which sit at the Louvre or LACMA? 

Curator (and performer):

Olivia Mia Orozco

The Messenger Performer:

Julienne Mackey


Next Performative Pop-Up Showing:

6th Annual Film Festival

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Mimoda Screening


Online Festival Nov 5th-12th 

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