Open Up An Exciting World Of Entertainment With These Simple Language Tricks

California boasts one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities in the United States, and yet, so many residents of Los Angeles and other urban centers of the state don’t understand the language. You’re free to learn to speak whichever language you choose, but not learning Spanish – especially in a state where it’ll come in handy in your everyday life – does cut you off from an exciting world of entertainment.

Of course, the sheer amount of money in US entertainment does draw in many of the biggest Spanish-language talents, such as director Guillermo del Toro of The Shape of Water. Still, to really immerse yourself in great non-English entertainment, you’ll want to have an understanding of the language, switch off the subtitles, and avoid the often ghastly Hollywood remakes. So, here are some tricks to help you out.

Quick Tricks to Getting to Grips with Spanish

Learning a language is challenging and sometimes even a little embarrassing, so if you don’t fancy community classes, that’s up to you, because you can go for private tutors online. These tutors offer direct one-to-one tutoring and are all native speakers who can also speak English. They specialize in conversational Spanish, so you can understand how to communicate and listen to the language as opposed to just drilling in rules and conventions as you would in class.

Something to run alongside conversational Spanish classes is making your own keyword list. So many classes and other language learning services take you through so much that you don’t need to know. Yet, if you understand the keywords within a language, you can get by in conversation and pick up what’s being said. So, amass a list like this one of the most frequently used words and run through them each day.

Finally, whether you’re into the theatre or the movies – although it’ll be easier with movies due to subtitles – watch some entertainment to see what you can pick up on. There are some ways to crossover here, with there being Spanish versions of popular musicals, so if you know the English well enough, you can go to one and see what you can understand. You could also watch movies with subtitles and make notes of words to look up.

Best Spanish-language Movies to Watch

When it comes to Spanish-language films, none stand out quite as much as Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth. The dark fantasy tale set in the midst of war is superb from start to finish, with its striking visuals making it all the more desirable to watch it without subtitles. It’s even been hailed as one of the greatest of all fantasy films by a respected critic.

As you’ll likely know, Hollywood likes to take novel or successful foreign-language movies from abroad and repackage them with a bit of big-money shine, but rarely does this payoff. It’s been found through analysis that remakes do struggle to impress, but this is even more so the case with remakes of foreign films. A fine example is of the tense, claustrophobic Spanish horror Rec being used as the basis of Quarantine.

One of the greatest native Spanish actors on the scene is Javier Bardem, who put in an incredible performance in Dune. However, many miss out on his best work. The Sea Inside and movies alongside his wife Penélope Cruz like Everybody Knows are all well worth a watch. Cruz also stars in some superb Spanish movies, too, like Open Your Eyes (which was made into Vanilla Sky) and Ma Ma.

Away from the Barden-Cruz household, look to The Orphanage for one of the scariest gothic horrors available, or The Skin I Live In with Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya. While the name would suggest Italian, Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma was lauded at the major awards ceremonies, even getting ten nominations at the Academy Awards.

Enjoy these top-class movies as they’re meant to be enjoyed, or even use them as a tool to advance your learning of Spanish.

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Author: nohoarts