One NoHo Theatre Does Own Fringe Festival…Zombie Style


Mark your calendars for every weekend in the month of June. NoHo’s own Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group is doing their first annual ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND FRINGE. Remember, we have 20 theatres in one square mile so go out, explore NoHo and be entertained live. In this case, be entertained Zombie style.


ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND FRINGE is a cutting-edge, avant-garde mini-theatre festival showcasing new works and what ZJU, in general, has to offer. Our unsurpassed family of directors and leaders *(Denise Devin, Josh T. Ryan, Adam Neubauer, Randy “Kernel” Long, Jana Wimer, Sebastian Munoz, Vanessa Cate, Roger K. Weiss, Shayne Eastin, David Wyn Harris, Andy Shultz, Alex Walters, Christopher Reiner, Mark Hein and Jaguar Bennett), our fabulous performers and unsurpassed artisans and designers (such as super-stars Jeri Batzdorff, R. Benjamin Warren, Rana Wilson and Gloria Galvan) have been working around the clock to piece this event together – something of a special treat celebrating the alternative theatre arts our beloved NOHO, and our gift to the theatre community at large. JOIN US!


We had been enjoying our participation in The HOLLYWOOD FRINGE, but even last year – our audiences were arriving at our doorstep in June thinking that ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND (4850 Lankershim Blvd.) was actually an extension of the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE – so Josh T. Ryan and I thought, hey now – why not hold our own lil’ Fringe, and do it OUR way, infused with our own sense of prowess, style, culture and community…and have some good ol’ fashioned fun in the process?! Oh man, its been a blast organizing everything, too. The Underground is so passionate and enthusiastic, one does not often afford the opportunity to be surrounded with such an amazing theatre family in this lifetime, its just TOO good sometimes, we want to share this energy with EVERYONE while it lasts, life is short and precious.

Othello Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre
OTHELLO @ Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Photo by Josh T. Ryan.

Does the ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND FRINGE have shows for everyone’s taste?

YES, Absolutely! There is something for everyone: For the daring and the more conservative alike – there is drama, comedy, terror, history, and world-premiere experimental work…better than “CATS”! So yes please come and see ALL of our UNDERGROUND FRINGE productions friends, you shant be sorry. Tickets are only $15, less than the cost of a Bloody Mary.


“OTHELLO” – Every FRIDAY and SATURDAY @ 8:30pm, JUNE 5 thru 27.
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group Proudly Presents Josh T. Ryan and Zombie Joe’s wet n’ wild, high-euro-fashion adaptation of Shakespeare’s tale of love, murder and betrayal, where glamor is a rocky-road – and jealousy is a green-eyed monster! Directed by ZJU’s magnificent Josh T. Ryan.

“URBAN DEATH” – Every SATURDAY @ 11pm, JUNE 6 thru 27.
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group’s terrifying signature horror production that dives deep into the depths of ALL-NEW inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among us! Directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer. For Ages 15 and up.

“HOW TO BE WICKED” – Every FRIDAY @ 11:00pm, JUNE 5 thru 26.
Morality is a scam, says comedian Jaguar Bennett. Let Jaguar show you the path to success and happiness through this simple and hilarious course in “How to Be Wicked”. Its like Nietzsche…but in easy comedy form!

“HELLION LOOP” – SUNDAYS @ 7:00pm, JUNE 14, 21 and 28.
Five thrilling short-plays by Shayne Eastin, “Hellion Loop” invites entrance into a cryptic and twisted world where characters are held captive by their own motivations – leading to ominous, mystifying, and spine-tingling conclusions!

Robert Walters stars in Zombie Joe’s Underground’s high-impact adaptation of Moliere’s infamous satirical comedy about the trappings of love, desire and manipulation – and the inevitable consequences spawned from their reckless abuse! Directed by Alex Walters.

“THE BEREAVED” – MONDAY @ 8:30pm, JUNE 29.
The premiere of Andy Shultz’s hilarious dark comedy! When a billionaire playboy dies in a freak accident, his family and friends gather to mourn his passing. but what should be a celebration of life, turns into a macabre three-ring circus of hilarity and slapstick! Directed by Andy Shultz and David Wyn Harris.

Urban Death at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre
Urban Death @ Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Photo by Marti Matulis.

How can an actor or playwright work with ZJU?

Simply CALL or EMAIL us directly: or WRITE our Official Website: under “CONTACT US” – We shall return all inquiries in a prompt and timely manner, we just love to chat-it-up! -Zombie Joe 🙂


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  1. A very sincere and committed group of misfits. The originals never seize to satisfy even the snobbiest audience members. The new directors are making names for themselves as well. It’s fascinating this theatre has been producing since 1992. 30 shows a year. My husband and I, love coming, we especially like Zombie Joe’s stuff and Josh T. Ryan’s for the purest of experiences. From Parthenia to Lankershim its so cool to see these guys still around doing their thing. We highly recommend going, we are!