Olly Murs

When X-Factor finalist, Olly Murs, released his debuted self titled album I really didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I was backing him on the X-Factor (sadly he came 2nd) and I loved his number one hit ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’. However, we all know that many TV singing competition finalists often have a tendency to release a few good songs and then disappear into talent show limbo. Despite these doubts I got the album and I love it.
A nice refreshing pop album, with a surprising amount of catchy songs which I could see all easily becomming singles. My personal favourite track is ‘Love Shine Down’ a real feel good song, which I have a feeling will become a hit. 
What I liked most about the album is that Olly co-wrote all but one song on the album, showing that he isn’t just a good voice and adding something new to the usual drone of X Factor finalists. If you like albums that are easy to listen to and sing along with than this is the album for you.


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