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Meet NoHo Senior Arts Colony Resident Rick McManus

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Seniors Are Re-Writing Retirement Just Ask Author Rick McManus.  The days of pondering retirement might weigh heavily on the minds of some adults, but for many at a local apartment community the word “retired” is almost nonexistent among residents.

That’s because these residents are exploring new career paths, chasing down dreams, and inspiring the rest of us with their sizable accomplishments, during a time in their lives when they would typically be into retirement.

Rick McManus, a resident of the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments, is 76 years old and has truly redefined what it means to be retired.

Recently publishing his sixth book, McManus has no intention of slowing down. He enjoys sharing his books with others and focuses on writing stories that offer a powerful message to readers.

Prior to becoming a writer, McManus worked in the real estate industry where he settled in the small coastal town of La Jolla, Calif. He spent the majority of his career working in real estate, but discovered his deep passion for writing in the late 1960s while working for a local newspaper in Boston.

Although McManus enjoyed many years in La Jolla with its beautiful beaches and excellent weather, there was something that appeared to be missing.

It wasn’t long before he discovered the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments in North Hollywood. He was intrigued by the community’s appeal and arts focused concept. “At this community, I am surrounded by artists and like-minded individuals who are also discovering new career paths at this stage in their lives.”

Moving into this community in April of this year, McManus says, “I couldn’t go back to my life in La Jolla even if I wanted to. I am closer to my son, daughter-in-law, and three young granddaughters and there is so much more activity and interaction here.”

McManus had no idea what to expect when he moved in, but he soon found himself surrounded by activities, friends and opportunities that he would not have had otherwise.

Since moving into the community, McManus has kicked his writing into full gear.

His most recent novel “Empty Earth” tells a story in which almost the entire world population has been eliminated through unending violent weather disasters caused by excessive climate change. The novel demonstrates the effect climate change can have on our planet, while bringing a twist of young love to the story.

The novel takes readers on a journey to find an answer to global warming that has nothing to do with technology, as two young individuals try to survive in this new world where everything has been destroyed, everything but their love for each other.

This book is among five others that McManus has previously published, and he doesn’t anticipate it being the last.

At 76 years old, redefining what it means to be retired, McManus is an inspiration to us all, and a reminder that just because you’ve reached the age of retirement, doesn’t mean you have to retire your passions.

About Rick McManus:
McManus is an author who currently lives at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments. Originally from El Centro, he relocated and settled in the small coastal city of La Jolla, California twenty years ago. Throughout his career he has worked for The Voice of America in Washington, D.C., the U.S. State Department as a diplomatic courier in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and The Christian Science Monitor in Boston as a news reporter.

McManus has written several works including two novels and three books that focus on his family. He is currently marketing his novel “Empty Earth” through Facebook and his webpage,

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About the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments:

Apartments at NoHo Senior Arts Colony are now available for lease. The community is for adults age 62+ and features one-and two bedroom apartments. Art programs and social opportunities like the ones referenced above are available free of charge to our residents. The community also features on-site art openings, theatre previews and play readings by the professional Road Theatre Company. Whether you are an artist or simply take pleasure in the creativity of life, visit or call 855-399-5381. NOHO Senior Arts Colony is located at 10747 Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, California.

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