NoHo’s Harlots at Beverly Hills artSHOW

Andrea Monroe to show her Harlots at Beverly Hills artSHOW

The NoHo Arts District dot com team always says: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” Make sure you know NoHo’s Andrea Monroe.  She’s not only a talented costumer for TV with the local 705, she also writes an art blog for called The Hidden Artist. Why does she write an art blog? Well, because she’s a phenomenal artist herself. She’ll be at one of our team’s favorite art events this weekend, May 21 and 22, 2016, the Beverly Hills artSHOW.  Stop by booth 410 to say hello and show some NoHo love.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22, 2016 10AM-6PM

WHERE: Artist Booth 410 – look for the Harlots!
9455 N Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Beverly Hills artSHOW map

So what’s she going to show at the artSHOW?

africanamerican harlot
“Ruff” – The Harlot series

The Harlots

Yeah, this is an old-time word. Would you call someone this in 2016? Probably not. So The Harlots is a series with a mixture of history, color, pattern, and a sense of humor born from an insult of an ex-boyfriend who called Andrea a “Harlot.” Read Andrea’s take on this wanna-be insult in her article: “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A ‘SLUT’”

In her own words: “…I decided to take that negative energy and make it (better yet—paint it) into something more positive. Thus, The Harlot series was born.”

“Omar” – The Lovelies on The Rocks series

Lovelies on the Rocks

“Spiraling off The Harlots series, I painted Lovelies on the Rocks, a further tribute to the profession of love making. They were inspired by turn-of-the-century postcards of provocative women that I came across during my research (and some provocative men!). I’ve taken their images out of context and into mine—a fantasy world of color, cartoon, and unexpected juxtapositions among rocks.”

“Pio Pico on His Pinata” – The L.A. series

L.A. Series

“My The LA Series visualizes the history, influence, and footprint of those who made Los Angeles what it is today and expresses my love of Southern California. When I began to research the city of Northridge, I found a significant history that is largely unknown. The historical aspect to the paintings is apparent through the renderings of the black and white figures. The symbolism is seen through the pattern, design, color, architecture and landscape of the era. The paintings combine the reality of the medium (acrylic on canvas) with the possibilities of the imagery (figures, landscape, and attributes).

The ideas behind my paintings generally begin with a question starting with who––who was a street or place named after? After which is followed by what––what was this person’s contribution to historical LA and what was his or hers personal attribute? Then finally where––where is the location and what landmark signifies it? Their stories unfold through research, design, symbolism, color, pattern, and a smack of tongue in cheek references. The interaction between these elements as well as the methodical and tight compositions leads to a simplified yet complex narrative.”

“Sirf and Turf” – My Divorce series


“This is a symbolic series painted through the emotional struggles of my divorce. At first I thought of these as something absolutely personal to me, but then realized there are so many women (and men) who suffer similar trauma, grief, and rejuvenation from this type of life changing event. It was after I painted the series I then wrote poems to illustrate them and later compiled them into a book that can be treasured by all. You may find it at “The Story of My Divorce—Works and Words.”

So stop by and say “Hi, Andrea!” this weekend at artist booth 410.

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