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As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons”… you have to adapt, improvise and create to survive. This resilience is the NoHo Arts District way. For 20 years this one-square mile section of North Hollywood has maintained its desiganation as the performing arts district of Los Angeles. So when we get dealt a heavy hand like COVID19, we find a creative solution. For our acting classes it’s no different. They’ve gone online for the time being. So we’ve created a list for our readers.

Remember, they may cancel our in-person acting classes but they will not take our acting classes away.

Shari Shaw Studios

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All Levels of Audition and Script Analysis Comedy/Drama
Join us like our stars have…
Eric Winter
Derek Theler
Roselyn Sanchez
Lisa Vidal
Chester Rushing
Danielle may more
Online classes include current material and using the shari shaw studio method to breaking down your comedy and drama and creating a three-dimensional life of the character. You work three times per class and it’s interactive the whole time. So much fun, laughs and connection!


Actors Workout Studio

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes, On-Camera Class.
Come and study at one of the longest-running acting schools in L.A. Keep your instrument in-tune during the current safer-at-home orders. Fran and his staff of teachers are committed to providing fun and effective way of learning via online classes. We are even offering a deep discount on our classes through the end of May. We have a great new Foundation class for beginners.

Ronnie Marmo

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Actors from coast to coast over the years have asked Ronnie Marmo to teach a weekly acting class. The unfortunate reply was always the same: “Because, I don’t stay in one city long enough.” Thanks to Zoom, Ronnie Marmo will now finally be able to teach a weekly acting workshop for you to join no matter where you are in the world! Ronnie has decided that he will teach this weekly workshop as a fundraiser for Theatre 68 during the COVID-19 crisis.  He has lovingly named the class, “STOP F*CKING ACTING”. He would love to invite you to join us for a FREE Open House on May 13th @ 3pm LA time (classes start May 20th and are first come first serve). For a sneak peek of some of Ronnie Marmo’s background and expertise as a director, actor, writer and producer check out this video of select scenes. RSVP your spot now @

Young Actors Studio

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Script Work for New Media (ages 9 and above)
Acting Technique Kids (ages 9 and above)
New Works Lab (Teens)
2020 July Program Technique/Voiceover Work/On-Camera/Improvisation and a Virtual Production

We are thrilled to be offering some virtual classes! Our virtual classes are designed to be a place of encouragement, support, and community for young artists. We have created tons of exciting, fun, and creative exercises that really engage with students on the digital platform.

Grok Acting Studio

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Acting Technique / Scene Study
Actors work on liberating their talents and passion through exercises, monologues and character work to eliminate any inhibitions, blocks, insecurities and self consciousness. The classes focus on eradicating bad habits and “acting” and allow the actor to experience the character for truthful work. The actor will free any emotional and expressive blocks to deepen their work.

The Victory Theatre’s Gobetti/Ormeny Acting Studio

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All levels of Scene Study, includes Preparation Technique.

The Lyndon Technique

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Online Booking Class
Amy Lyndon personally hand picks scenes specifically designed to improve skills and stretch each of her students. The scenes are sent via email up to two days before each class and each student individually prepares his or her scene as if it were a real audition using “The 15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique.” The goal is to BOOK IT ON THE FIRST TAKE. Feedback is based solely on the technique. If a student has an audition they can send the scene to us in advance for approval.

Self Tape Critique Class
Watch and learn as celebrity booking coach Amy Lyndon critiques self tapes during this live class. Send a self tape – one scene up to two minutes long – that you have previously submitted to an audition for feedback as to what you might be missing in order to BOOK THE JOB. 

The Clyde Bernardy Acting Studio

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Audition Technique / Script Analysis
Believe it or not, we are not a studio for ‘actors’…actors complain about the auditions they’re getting, or not getting, who their agent is, or isn’t. Actors complain. But artists…artists, we LOVE. Artists want to grow and push. Artists are willing to be uncomfortable and TRY, and BE, and sometime FAIL. Artists are willing to risk because they must. Artists do because they LOVE. So to be a true ARTIST, let’s remind ourselves that we must know our CRAFT inside and out.That is the type of studio we are. It’s what we will continue to grow to be…a community of artists who know their craft. Even in these darker times. We are here, and we will continue to be as long as you are. Let’s use this time to get stronger, better, and brighter as artists! Let’s keep that spark!

Intentional Acting by Loren E. Chadima

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Live Online Group and Private Classes for Actors of All Ages: 8 – 13 Years, Teens and Adults
Hollywood casting will be up and running again. Not if — but when! Award-winning acting coach and director, Loren E. Chadima has developed these online classes to make sure you’re ready on day one. Let’s use this downtime to keep your acting muscles strong and your instincts sharp, so you stay connected to your passion and on top of your game. We focus on script breakdown, character development, comedy and yes – even on-camera techniques.

Richard Lawson Studios

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Online Classes and Workshops Mission:
• Inspire artists and professionals to aspire to greatness and empower them to pursue their dreams
• Provide the motivation to clearly define their goals and dreams
• Offer training and tools to fully actualize their aspirations
• Transcend limitations and borders to distribute their products in a variety of mediums and deliver their message to anyone, anywhere

Youth Acting Biz

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Youth Acting Biz
Youth Acting Biz has acting classes for kids, tweens and teens. Our classes focus on improv and various acting techniques. We work on scripts from commercials, tv and film.

You have seen/heard our students on Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, CBS, etc. and on National Commercials.

We have an industry day at the end of the session, where students are taught by a professional in casting, agency, management or development.

The Biz Studio
Introducing, The Biz Studio, classes for Adults in stand up and acting.  

Actors Ave

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On Camera Technique
Our class curriculum entails improv, accents, cold reads, slates, commercials, and theatrical scenes for tv and film. Each actor is on camera multiple times during class, and all work is watched at the end of class. The style of our class prepares you for auditioning, booking, and working on set.

Our teacher, Michael Petrone has booked over 80 national commercial spots, multiple co-stars/guest stars/series regulars. He’s also directed national commercials, reality shows, tv pilots, and films. He is currently still a working actor and director who has recently launched a new podcast, “The Insiderz” for actors where he is sharing all his knowledge for actors to utilize and be successful in the business. Also on the podcast are experienced casting directors Megan and Chuck Foley. 

Gray Studios LA

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All classes are online! 

Diane Christiansen Coaching

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Zoom Classes for Ages 6 to Adult.
Award-winning classes that set a standard of training that is critical in our industry for the last 28 years!! All ages 6 to adult and all levels welcome at deeply discounted prices! Our actors WORK!!! 

Zoom classes run in 6-week sessions given by Master Coach and On Set Coach for Disney and Nickelodeon, Diane Christiansen and renowned feature film on set coach, Tess Christiansen.

Clay Banks Studio International

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All CBSI classes are in session! online, on Zoom! and, now…you can join us from anywhere in the world! 
You haven’t done a zoom class with CBSI yet, let’s get going! The detailed work being done in these classes is exceptional, we really dig deep and our intricate process at CBSI makes us focus in on script analysis, emotional intimacy and camera techniques like no other studio, our acting operations are done with a laser, like Michael Caine says. The work the actor’s are doing online is pretty sensational! So, right now… for all of you, your friends and fellow actor buddies… we’re offering FREE AUDITS. Jump in and get ready to listen to our inspirational acting coach veteran and backstage industry expert Clay Banks, get motivated, learn and grow! Now, get ready to have a creatively new and exciting Corona Acting Class experience with CBSI! 

Melissa Skoff Acting Workshop

Melissa Skoff Acting Workshop

One hour private Skype classes taught by veteran casting director & coach, Melissa Skoff.
Fine tune your audition and on-set skills by learning to go to the heart of the character and the core of the scene without much time to prepare! Get ready now–there will be lots of roles to cast when we go back to work! Melissa has helped some of today’s biggest stars and working actors realize their dream.

Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios

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Now offering ONLINE CLASSES!
Give yourself (or your client) the advantage of powerful, masterful training, and build career momentum. Lauren’s online classes, just like her live classes, are always potent and powerful!

Lauren’s teachings cross all barriers. She will always find the truth whether in person or online, but this new format gives her the opportunity to “zoom” in, up close and personal, with a heightened focus on finding your truth, environment, and script analysis.

Until we are all back in live, become a part of the excitement. Use this extra time to your advantage and invest in your career.

LA Connection Comedy Theatre

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Online improv classes and performance.
Four consecutive classes once a week for 90 minutes each. Limit 11 actors per class with instructor. Cost $95. Classes will be teaching improv games geared towards Television and the internet. The 4th class will be a show performance of the games learned and posted on YouTube or an internet site for students to view, download for their acting reel and tell your family and friends to watch worldwide. We have kids, teens and adult classes on various days and nights of the week to fit folks schedule and improv background.

And for a special treat.

Wizards’ Playhouse

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Online Magic Lessons for All Ages
Learn how to do magic with cards and everyday objects.
30 minute, 1hour, 90 minute, one-on-one sessions and groups. 

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