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Hey North Hollywood! Did you know that Sunday, July 14 is International Nude Day? This holiday originated in New Zealand when former rugby star and TV presenter Marc Ellis dared people to streak in front of Prime Minister Helen Clark. I guess there are many fans of nudity because in the past five years more than 30 countries now celebrate International Nude Day.

Research shows that there are real health benefits to being naked (

1: Loads your body up with vitamin D.
2: Gives a healthy skin because skin can breathe easier.
3: No ‘Red’ marks from tight clothing…improved blood circulation
4: Healthy brain…barefoot running helps to stimulate the brain which lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults.
5: Therapeutic ..helps relieve depression due to improve your blood flow, detoxifies your system, and thus provides you warmth and freedom.
6: Lowers risk of infection…when clothes are soaked with sweat, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause various infections. Nudity lowers your risk to these harmful fungi and bacteria and maintains personal hygiene.
7: Improves fertility…wearing tight elastic underwear can restrict the blood flow to the penis and genital area. Tight underwear or low waist jeans directly press onto your penis, which kills nerve receptors lowering sperm count.

How to Celebrate International Nude Day without being arrested!
1. Surprise your romantic partner by visiting him with an overcoat with nothing on underneath.
2. Do your household chores in the nude.
3. Get a yoga DVD and do it in the nude.
4. Camp in the nude.
5. Skinny dip at 2am.
6. Create a work of art…paint your entire body and rub it on canvas.
7. You and your friend sketch each other nude…then frame it as a memory of International Nude Day

For those of you that want to take the celebration of International Nude Day to the next level, you may want to try these spots!
Deer Park Resort
50 miles from LA – nudist camp sites, tent camping, holistic center lots of activities.
Glen Eden Sun Club
Near Los Angeles, with 37 nudist camp sites for RVs and tents, They also have furnished travel trailers and villas for rent – and they have a restaurant.
Olive Dell Ranch
Geared toward families and couples, they offer nudist camp sites for RVs and also have cabins. You can rent a site by the month or get a permanent one.