New!! The Pets District

Everything You Need To Know For Your Pet in the NoHo Arts District


As many of us know, NoHo is one of Los Angeles’ most pet-friendly areas. The Arts District specifically caters to our furry friends, as the majority of businesses have outdoor sections to accommodate them. On any given day, you can be guaranteed to see people carrying out their regular business with their dogs on leashes, (or you might even see Beatrice, who walks her cat).

Tessa (my Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier pup) and I took our time to scope out the best places in the arts district to go to relax together, and we are happy to report that there are plenty of fantastic pet-friendly spots! We narrowed down our favorites to places with temperature-controlled outdoor seating (shading or heat lamps), good eats, coffee, wifi and a great view for people watching or pet playing. Since Tessa is still fairly young and her “Jack-Chi” personality makes her somewhat shy and anxious, it was important to find mellow areas in order for her to get comfortable. Still, our list works for all pet personalities. We hope to see you at one of our favorite locations!

Tessa’s Favorites:

Whitnall Off-Leash Dog Park


Three acres of off-leash freedom! This park is open daily from dawn to dusk, and is super local so that your dog can visit regularly. The park is completely gated with a secure entrance to avoid run-aways. It’s also separated by large breed and small breed so that each has their own space, and everyone is playing with other dogs their own size. Park goers abide by the common courtesies, and you will likely see your neighbors or make new friends.

North Hollywood Park


This park is a vast, open space that is always busy and popular. You’ll see NoHo-ers jogging, playing and relaxing all day and night. Some of the trained pets hang out without their leashes, but Tessa remains on hers at this location because the park is not gated. We both love all the action at this park, but what piques my interest the most is the locality – it’s on Magnolia, walking distance from some of my favorite eateries which I have listed below.

My Favorites:

Republic of Pie
Wifi, Chai Tea, prime location, and plenty of shade are just some of the many reasons why ROP is my fave. After a hard day of playing at the park, ROP provides tasty beverages to cool down, and sometimes live music.

Bow and Truss
Perfect place to bring new friends you’ve met at the park to have lunch with! The outdoor lounge seating is chic and comfortable, and the menu is absolutely delicious! Tessa had the steak. The wifi and outdoor live music are bonuses. When she’s ready to relax after the park and I deserve a cocktail, Bow and Truss is my first choice.

Pretty much self-explanatory…EAT here. The breakfast is sure to start your day off right. The seating is mostly outdoors and wraps around the back of the building. Shading is excellent, and the temperature is always perfect. If your pet is the anxious type, the secluded area towards the back is much more suitable for enjoying a meal or coffee.

Where are your favorites? Post a photo to Instagram with hashtag #PetsDistrict to highlight the local areas you and your pet frequent. I’ll be sure to pay a visit and share our reviews! And, don’t forget to say “Hi” if you see us!