Naaz “Up to Something”

We’re listening to Naaz single “Up to Something”

We figured we all need some encouragement to keep with our plans for 2018. You see we won’t call them resolutions, just plans. So let’s take a look at a young singer named Naaz or as she puts on her Facebook page:

“Hi I’m Naaz, a kurd from Holland, I make quirkpop.”

Her single “Up to Something” has an easy, breezy, catchy hook where you instantly sing along.


What’s inspiring about Naaz is she initially didn’t have the support from her family so she made music from her bedroom, in secret. Nevertheless, she persisted. Nothing was going to stop her from making music. 

The lyrics tell a quick, to the point story of Naaz’s music making, where she tells her family and any other initial doubters, basically, what’s up.

“Don’t want to hurt them, but this is who I am Chasing ambitions, making my own mistakes.”

Our favorite verse is: “All that I’m saying, is that I’m staying true. Why don’t you see it? Why don’t you see it too?” 

Her Instagram 2017 recap sums it up and we’re happy someone had a positive 2017! Now that’s inspirational. 

Naaz is definitely up to something and we want to hear more. Follow her on all social media @bitsofnaaz. 

Hopefully you feel inspired to make your own happiness happen in 2018.

Keep making music that moves us.