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Must-Visit Destinations For Digital Nomads

It’s 2019 and the first quarter of the year is fast running out.

And it isn’t surprising if you consider yourself a digital nomad (people who work online and can’t stay in one place for long) but are yet to take that bold step towards achieving your New Year resolutions, be it in personal life or career-wise. In fact, it’s still early and you can easily catch up if only you start now. From looking for a new destination for your vacation to finding a new job, no one can stop you if you have the will. If this sounds like you, then you must be sourcing out for a new place to visit and we are here for you. Check the following must-visit destinations list for digital nomads, to help you decide:

Qingdao, China

This alluring seaside city proudly displays an amazing blend of both the German and Japanese architecture. It has a favorable climate throughout the year, so you can comfortably work as you explore the beach views and treat your taste buds with delicious seafood. The free, reliable Wifi will make you want to prolong your stay and if you have some cash to spend, you can always opt for the local 4G mobile services. The seaside apartments range from around $435.

Santiago, Chile

If South America has been your dream destination, then you have more reason to visit Chile. You see, this country enjoys one of the best internet broadband and no good news beats this one for a digital nomad. And it’s a beautiful city Santiago is a die-for destination as it contains good neighborhoods from around $500 per month and dynamic free Wi-Fi throughout the various cafes. You just have to get the login-key and you will be good to go. Spend your free time hiking, surfing or simply socializing.

Valencia, Spain


Valencia is an excellent definition of a classic town. And if you thought that makes it boring, then you’re completely mistaken. On the contrary, this key Mediterranean port town is surrounded by various cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. The beaches are also magnificent, something that makes it one of the top stopovers of Mediterranean cruise sailings. Apart from working, you will get the chance to discover many cultures, the rich history, an exciting nightlife, and various cuisines. An open mind is all you need.

Ko Samui Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand has been richly blessed with a trail of islands (Ko Tao, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan) But of all the three, Ko Samui makes the perfect destination for cyber nomads. First, it’s the largest and secondly, there’s easy access to it via sea or air. And the most important of them all is the incredible free Wi-Fi zones than the other two. You can work from your hotel room or by the sea as you stretch on the white sand. Life over there is pretty affordable at around $260 per month, in a villa.

If you consider yourself a digital nomad or would like to join the fast-growing trend, then you must select your next destination with caution. It should have all the tools you need to work and relax. And that includes free/affordable, reliable internet connection, affordable accommodation and a little bit of fun. We hope you found the above list helpful. It, however, isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to explore and add to it!