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Van Ghost- The Effect

Van Ghost is a five-piece rock band weeping with soul. Whilst they have their own individual sound, listeners might be reminded slightly of bands such as Matchbox Twenty.

Their EP ‘The Effect ’ is guaranteed to spark emotion in their listeners, with their haunting voices. However the doesn’t just show sadness; with the funk inspired intro of the opening track ‘Return To Innocence’ you get the sense that the band are capable of many styles. This is backed up by the many different sounds you hear during the EP, from Santa-esque guitar solos to slight hints of folk. The band also features female side vocalist ‘Jennifer Hartswick’ and her voice blends in very well to the overall tone of the album, making it richer. The music is soothing and uplifting and will make a real connection to its audience.

The strongest track for me was ‘Domino Effect’, the song is a ballad and a half. It is less of a song and more of a story of the singer’s emotions.

The main positive to the EP are the lyrics they are deep and meaningful, which is always good to see in a world where music has steadily become generic and plastic, and you truly believe in what the singer is saying. There was no major downside to this EP and it is a good listen, and the production of it is done very well and also the composition is good, and allows the songs to flow into each other.

Overall it is a good EP and slightly resembles the softness and honesty of Samuel Bazan. It is worth a listen and I recommend this for fans of softer rock.