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I’ve said it before and I will say it again, experimatation is something that makes music beautiful, the ability to try anything in music and see what fits and sounds good is always a positive.

fuseboxfunkHere we have Fusebox Funk, they have passion and groove about them. Their EP ‘The Subterrestrials’ was good to listen to, I liked the anger they put into their music, and it helped to push their view across more.

The lyrical content in the music was really good and they confidently speak their minds. For listeners who haven’t heard them before will be reminded of a mix between Rage Against The Machine and Flobots. As the band name might suggest they have Funk, and they really do, they mix of different instruments create a pleasure for the ears to listen to. My favourite track on the EP was ‘Skeptical’, with its political themes and catchy chorus everything about this song signified what this band was about.

The main positive was their flow, they are a band that seem to feed off each other well and they stand at the cross roads of rock and rap.The only negative for me, was that they kind of sound like what is already out there, now that isn’t to say that it isn’t still a pleasure to listen to, because this band have a heap of talent and sound more professional than a lot of big acts out there. I just feel that they could have pushed the boat out a tiny bit more and it would have made them more powerful as a group.

Overall it is a fantastic EP, and one that will leave the ears wanting to hear more. If you like your music with a bit of twist and mixture this is definitely for you.

Rating: 7/10



Author: nohoarts