Music Reviews: Chris Birkett “Precious Love” Single Release

Music Reviews- Chris Birkett “Precious Love” Single Release

It’s spring at last and love is in the air!

“Precious Love” is an unabashedly romantic tear jerker of a song, written and performed by Chris Birkett for his wife, on the 10-year anniversary of their first meeting.  Like I said, unabashedly romantic!

Chris has a great voice – raspy, soulful and totally authentic.  We believe him as he sings, there’s nothing contrived or effected or calculated, it’s all real and we can feel it.  His wife is a lucky lady!

Music Reviews- Chris Birkett “Precious Love” Single Release

Chris Birkett is a multi-award-winning producer, singer/songwriter and composer who has collaborated over the years with Talking Heads, Alison Moyet and Quincy Jones, to name just a few. So, obviously it’s a gorgeously produced track.  But it’s a bit more than just well done. It’s a lovely, beautifully balanced and very convincing reminder that love can catch you when you are least expecting it. And you had better pay attention when it does.

Amazing musicians of course, he must have worked with some of the best over the years and plenty of them are playing on this song. Based in Canada, he’s a fellow Brit busy making another album of his own, while working with other Canadian and European musicians.  

“Precious Love” is an old school, first crush, forever love kind of song.  And as the world fills up with hope, it’s the perfect sound track for us all…loved it!!!!

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Appearing on record:
Chris Birkett – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Paul DeLong – Drums
Bill King – Keyboards
Gene Hardy – Sax
Taylor Abrahamse – Background vocals

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