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Attaboy are a Christian Rock band from Indiana; I admit that I don’t listen to much Christian Rock music, but if this band and their EP ‘Unshaken ’ is anything to judge it by than it is a truly underrated genre.

When some people think of Christian Rock they may tend to think of heavily religious sounding music and this may have them feeling the music isn’t made for them, this isn’t the case with Attaboy. Their music is uplifting and lasting, and it can be compared to bands such as Simple Plan, with it’s catchy rock sound.

The main positive of the EP is the overall tone of it, from its positive lyrics and upbeat sound to the flow of it, the entire thing is really strong on all fronts. It is one of those things that all different types of people with many versatile tastes can listen to and enjoy. I found no negatives to this other than I wish it was an album, but I do think Attaboy have really put in some hard work and it has paid off. Their honesty and raw talent seeps through the speakers and will leave your ears wanting to hear more.

I couldn’t choose just one track that stood out, as all of them were good for different reasons, however I narrowed it down to two which were ‘Restless’ and ‘Where I Am Found’. Both songs had this mixture of sombre and power that was not only memorable but slightly touching.

Overall, no matter what your musical tastes are, give this band a chance. There is something special about them and I can pretty much guarantee that you will like what you hear. Attaboy is that band that has the talent to put their genre on the top of just about any charts list.

Rating: 10/10


Author: nohoarts