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When Aussie Indie rockers The Temper Trap first released their debut album ‘Conditions’ back in 2009 it rocketed them to fame in the indie scene.

Now three years later, they are back with their brand new self-titled album. The sophomore release of a band has seen many fail, so how did The Temper Trap do? Well it should be noted that this album is completely different, in tone, style, sound and lyrical content than its predecessor. The band has said that one of the key inspirations behind the album were the London riots in August of last year. So is it indie boys turned political activists? Not really. There doesn’t seem to be much political connotations on the CD, but the song ‘London’s Burning’ is pretty nice. It is a rather brave and bold move for them to change their sound so drastically; after having got such acclaim off their debut attempt and not mention they had such a unique sound. The only song that really still holds the original Temper Trap sound is ‘Rabbit Hole’ a slow and rather dark song.

Whilst the record doesn’t sound anything like the last, it is pretty damn good. With the opening track ‘Need Your Love’ the guys show new side to the band, a more straightforward indie rock side. It is a mixture of this uplifting yet mellow music that would put The Vaccines to shame (hard as that may be).

Throughout the songs there are some really high contenders for strongest track. Ultimately it would have to come down to either ‘Trembling Hands’ or ‘This Isn’t Happiness’; and if I had a gun pointed to my head I would probably choose ‘Trembling Hands. It is a fantastic song; it has strong musicianship and vocals, toppled with the fact that the lyrics are also ace. What I really liked about the album was the summer feel it gave off. The Temper Trap is that kind of band that emits pure nostalgia in their music, and this album is no different. There is some underlying excitement about it that can’t be explained.

Overall, this should be your summer album of 2012. It is fun, light and addictive. I would recommend this CD for anyone in the mood for some good indie music to get you in that summer mood.


Rating: 9/10



Author: nohoarts